New: Explore Profiles Demo - A Queryless Experience to Manage and Analyze Profiling Data | Grafana

In this video, Ryan Perry (Co-founder of Pyroscope and Engineering Director at Grafana Labs) demonstrates Explore Profiles, a Grafana app plugin that helps you quickly and easily derive insights from your profiling data — without having to use complex query languages. Grafana Cloud is the easiest way to get started with Grafana dashboards, metrics, logs, and traces. Our forever-free tier includes access to 10k metrics, 50GB logs, 50GB traces and more. We also have plans for every use case.

The new, queryless UI for Grafana Pyroscope: Introducing Explore Profiles

We are excited to share a significant update for Grafana Pyroscope users and the broader open source community: the launch of Explore Profiles, a new application that makes it easier and faster to surface meaningful insights from your profiling data. Explore Profiles is a Grafana app plugin designed to integrate seamlessly with Grafana Pyroscope, the open source continuous profiling backend, providing a smooth, queryless experience to browse and analyze your profiling data.

A complete guide to LLM observability with OpenTelemetry and Grafana Cloud

In the fast-paced world of technology, change is constant — and nowhere is that more evident today than in the flood of new features and advancements involving large language models (LLMs). They power various applications, from chat bots to advanced copilots. And as these LLMs and applications become more sophisticated, it will be vital that they work well and reliably. This is where observability, with the help of OpenTelemetry (using OpenLIT), plays an essential role.

Get insights from logs without writing a query: Explore Logs is in Public Preview

Whether it’s 3 in the morning and you’re trying to resolve an outage, or you’re testing a new feature and you need to resolve a recurring issue so you can move on to your next task: time is of the essence. Wouldn’t it be great if your observability tooling could direct you to your “aha” moment, without you needing to fumble with writing a query?

Explore Logs - A new queryless experience for Loki | Grafana

Mat Ryer takes you through the new way to explore your logs using a queryless, click-based user experience for Grafana Loki. Grafana Cloud is the easiest way to get started with Grafana dashboards, metrics, logs, and traces. Our forever-free tier includes access to 10k metrics, 50GB logs, 50GB traces and more. We also have plans for every use case.

Grafana Cloud updates: Kubernetes Monitoring enhancements, browser tests in Grafana Cloud k6, and more

We consistently roll out helpful updates and fun features in Grafana Cloud, our fully managed observability platform powered by the open source Grafana LGTM Stack (Loki for logs, Grafana for visualization, Tempo for traces, and Mimir for metrics). In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest updates for Grafana Cloud this month. You can also read about all the features we add to Grafana Cloud in our What’s New in Grafana Cloud documentation.

Performance testing with Grafana k6 and GitHub Actions

By running performance tests continuously and automatically, you can identify and correct performance regressions as they occur. One way to do this is by integrating performance testing into your development process. In this step-by-step post, we explore how to do just that, using Grafana k6 and GitHub Actions. k6 is an open source load testing tool to test the performance of APIs, microservices, and websites.

What is Network Visualization & How Network Monitoring Facilitates It

Tired of endless data and complex graphs? Learn what network visualization is and how network monitoring helps you achieve it to visualize your network. Networks are the backbone of business operations, connecting everything from data centers and office branches to cloud services and remote workers. As these networks grow increasingly complex, managing, maintaining and understanding the various flows of traffic in larger networks becomes a significant challenge for many companies.

API monitoring with Traefik, Grafana, and OpenTelemetry (Grafana Office Hours #28)

Maytham Alfouadi (Solutions Architect) and Immánuel Fodor (Product Manager) from Traefik Labs give us a demonstration of how to do API monitoring with Traefik, Grafana, and OpenTelemetry. They talk about Traefik, an open-source reverse proxy, among other things, that is now included by default in k3s and Rancher. They are joined by Usman Ahmad and Nicole van der Hoeven, both Senior Developer Advocates at Grafana Labs.