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Migrating From Your Tool to Squadcast

In our recent blog we talked about how having separate tools for On-Call and for alerting sucks! And how Squadcast offers a lifeline with its all-in-one Incident Management and Reliability Automation platform by amalgamating multiple tool functionality under a single hood. This blog is all about how you can easily transition from your current Incident Management & alerting tool into a better and more reliable enterprise grade platform with Squadcast.

APIs: The Silent Heroes of Data Center Management

Data centers typically operate a diverse array of systems including environmental controls, power management, IT service management (ITSM) platforms, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. DCIM software with well-documented, open APIs ensures these systems can communicate and function cohesively. Interoperability fosters.

How the Financial Services sector is moving to the cloud, and what it means for monitoring

Redgate recently published the 2024 State of the Database Landscape report, which explores how the challenges for data professionals now encompass a lot more than managing and monitoring their database estates for high availability and optimum performance. Database DevOps, multiple database platforms, the cloud, AI, and making data available for development and testing have now also become part of the daily conversation.

Google VPS Pricing Explained: A 2024 Guide

Organizations are turning to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for scalable and cost-effective hosting solutions. Google offers a robust VPS option tailored to various organizational needs. Understanding Google VPS pricing can help you make informed decisions and optimize your cloud costs. This guide will explain Google VPS pricing, explore its uses, and provide tips for optimizing these costs with CloudZero.

Better Jira Issue Management with JQL Filters #GitKraken #shorts

Enhance your Jira issue management with GitKraken Desktop with custom JQL filters to tailor your view based on assignees, status, and more! Learn how to navigate these features and efficiently organize your Jira issues by registering for our Workshop on June 28th at 12pm CST.

Metrics IDPs move: How to measure the impact of your Internal Developer Portal

Internal Developer Portals (IDPs) have increasingly found their way to the center of engineering operations. As the new engineering system of record, IDPs make it possible to align and enforce standards while unlocking safe developer self-service. Of course, oft-cited benefits like removing friction and improving consistency might feel intangible or even duplicative to other tools in your stack. So how should engineering leaders think about evaluating IDPs?

Pair Programming: The Ubuntu Way

At our core, we believe in Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” This philosophy of interconnectedness is woven into everything we do, including how we approach software development. This belief in our interconnectedness extends to how we build software. Pair programming, a practice where two developers work side-by-side, isn’t just a reflection of our values—it’s a powerful driver of quality, innovation, and team cohesion.

Managing IT Network Disruptions In Your Company Like A Pro

Let's face it, tech meltdowns are the worst. In today's world, a healthy computer network is like the plumbing in your office-you barely notice it when it works, but when it goes kaput, everything grinds to a halt. Emails stop flowing, files disappear, and suddenly, your most productive employees are reduced to staring at useless screens. The good news? There are ways to be a hero and keep your business running smoothly even when the tech gremlins strike. This guide will show you how to be a network-disruption ninja, ready to tackle any tech trouble like a pro.