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The Transformative Benefits Of AWS Well-Architected Reviews For Organizations In 2024

IDC predicted that over half of Asia Pacific's digital-first businesses plan to pump up their tech spend by 20% in the next year. They're betting on cutting-edge tech like AI and cloud platforms to stay ahead, innovate, and maintain their financial viability. As AWS is the leading cloud provider across the globe, most businesses rely on it for highly reliable quality cloud services.

Webinar: Building Flexible Software Catalogs for Real-World Use Cases

DevOps solutions have evolved quickly over the last few years. Software catalogs have bloomed beyond service registries and runbooks into comprehensive, centralized engineering sources of truth. With ever-expanding developer tool sets, can teams achieve the flexibility needed to address this fragmentation while continuing to tailor software catalog entries to their unique domains and contexts?

Top 10 CI/CD Tools in 2024

CI/CD platforms are now an integral part of any software development approach. They help teams to automate critical phases of their workflow. From integrating new code seamlessly to deploying updates swiftly, CI/CD tools not only streamline operations but also promote continuous improvement. As we enter 2024, the world of CI/CD tools is more vibrant and essential than ever.

Why organisations across Australia should embrace Test Data Management

In an era marked by the convergence of Big Data, hybrid cloud use, and the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, organisations across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region find themselves at a critical juncture. The ability to collect, manage, and leverage data effectively is now a determining factor for competitive advantage – and will become more competitive.

Cloud Infrastructure Scaling And How It Optimizes Costs And Time

Cloud infrastructure scaling can assist in rightsizing cloud resources in various ways. When discussions occur regarding scaling, its context can often refer to adding resources. However, it can also refer to removing resources. Preparing for how your cloud infrastructure scales begins with thought-out planning, design, and management of resource and tool allocations. This can save your organization time and costs that could otherwise negatively affect your employees, customers, and company.

AWS FinOps: Tools To Use To Your Advantage

AWS remains the largest cloud service provider (CSP) of the 21st century. It also provides over 240 cloud-based products and services. In some cases, these services help customers like you collect, analyze, and act on data about cloud usage and related costs. In this post, we explore how AWS services support FinOps’ best practices, including the features they offer. If you are looking for even more robust AWS FinOps tools, we will also include third-party platforms.

AI-powered diagnostics for incident response: New Sift features in Grafana IRM

Sift is a machine-learning-powered diagnostic feature in Grafana Cloud that SREs and DevOps teams can use to automate routine parts of incident investigation, such as searching for new errors in logs, surfacing recent deployments, or identifying overloaded Kubernetes nodes. We want Sift to springboard you into an investigation, so useful context is already there by the time you see an alert or declare an incident.

Preview Confidential AI with Ubuntu Confidential VMs and Nvidia H100 GPUs on Microsoft Azure

With Ubuntu confidential AI on Azure, businesses can undertake various tasks including ML training, inference, confidential multi-party data analytics, and federated learning with confidence. The effectiveness of AI models depends heavily on having access to large amounts of good quality data. While using publicly available datasets has its place, for tasks like medical diagnosis or financial risk assessment, we need access to private data during both training and inference.

Four Key Lessons for ML Model Security & Management

With Gartner estimating that over 90% of newly created business software applications will contain ML models or services by 2027, it is evident that the open source ML revolution is well underway. By adopting the right MLOps processes and leveraging the lessons learned from the DevOps revolution, organizations can navigate the open source and proprietary ML landscape with confidence.

NIST Incident Response Steps & Template | Blameless

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides the framework to help businesses mitigate cybersecurity risks. The framework also protects networks and data, outlining best practices to inform decisions that save time and money. Creating a cybersecurity strategy that identifies, protects, detects, responds, and helps you recover from cybersecurity incidents is critical in the evolving threat landscape.