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ChatGPT & the Enterprise: Balancing Caution and Innovation in the Age of AI

OpenAI's groundbreaking AI tool ChatGPT was officially launched on November 30th, 2022. However, it wasn't until the early months of 2023 that its impact truly began to ripple through the global consciousness. This transition from a novel technological release to a sensation that captivated the world was both rapid and remarkable. The metrics speak volumes: According to Similarweb, ChatGPT garnered around 266 million visits in December 2022.

Add a New Discovery Source With InvGate Insight's Microsoft Intune Integration

The InvGate Insight and Microsoft Intune integration enables you to add Intune as a discovery source to access more information on the Microsoft assets in your IT inventory right from our ITAM solution. For Microsoft Intune users, this means they can now incorporate all the devices they manage in that system (and their relevant information) into Insight, avoiding having to go back and forth between platforms and centralizing operations.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Explained

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is the best way to find out what causes an issue in your IT operations (ITOps). In other words, it is a great versatile analysis method for corrective action that is inherent to the ITIL framework. It’s a comprehensive approach that all managers can appreciate. In the IT industry, this method is invaluable since its ability to swiftly and effectively address problems is what distinguishes proactive IT Service Management (ITSM).

5 Best AI IT Support Tools in 2024

In the world of IT support, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer, revolutionizing how organizations handle tech issues. From streamlining ticketing systems to providing instant chatbot solutions, AI for IT support has proven its worth. We’ve already explored the various applications of ChatGPT for IT support, such as writing SOPs or quick email responses. Since then, AI has evolved non-stop, widely expanding its offering and capabilities for IT Service Management (ITSM).

InvGate Insight, Included in Gartner's Voice of the Customer For Software Asset Management Tools

InvGate Insight was added to the latest version of Gartner’s Voice of the Customer for Software Asset Management Tools Report. The inclusion is a recognition of the tool’s usefulness for this particular practice. The Voice of the Customer is based on peer reviews and currently features eight vendors. Keep reading to learn more about this report.

How to Build a Multidisciplinary ITSM Project

The process of building and maintaining an IT Service Management (ITSM) project looks different for every organization. There is however something that all robust initiatives have in common; they combine and adapt different concepts and frameworks within teams to maximize value and operation maturity. The benefits of this approach are clear. You get to tailor your ITSM project through multiple perspectives that can help achieve different aspects of your goals.

Agnostic AI: How to Not Choose an AI Provider

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are evolving at breakneck speed. Today's cutting-edge model may become obsolete tomorrow. This rapid evolution, while exciting, presents a challenge – how to leverage the current best AI capabilities without being tied to a single model or provider. At InvGate, we apply a strategy that we call “agnostic AI” (as in platform agnostic).

Introduction to Endpoint Management: Definition, Benefits, and Tools

Endpoint Management is so inherent to IT that it is canon in this industry, especially now that remote work is the new normal. Setting a robust system is paramount for any organization that relies on digital devices. These devices are connected to the corporate network and can access its resources, so the goal is to ensure that these devices are secure, compliant with company policies, and operating efficiently.

The Complete Guide to AIOps

AIOps, which stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is here to stay. The truth is that leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for ITOps offers a range of benefits that can significantly improve the efficiency, reliability, and performance of IT operations. So keep on reading as we explore AIOps software potential. From automating routine tasks to predicting future issues and enhancing decision-making, as well as practical scenarios as strategies for its implementation.

InvGate Insight Discovery Now Supports Agentless Discovery for Windows Devices

Coming to enhance the tool's network scanning capabilities, we are ready to announce that InvGate Insight supports agentless discovery for Windows devices! This means that, as from now, you can gather comprehensive information from windows devices without the need for them to have an agent installed. All you have to do to get it running is to configure the WMI protocol on your Windows devices so that InvGate Discovery is enabled to have remote access to it.