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Azure API Management: Security, Governance, and the Future of APIs

This episode of "INTEGRATE expert voices - Unplugged" series from the Azure on Air podcast, dives deep into Azure API Management with Mike Budzynski, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft. Discover the latest features, best practices for API governance, and insights into the future of API management. Also, learn about the evolution of API management, how to implement proper security measures, and the exciting new features coming to Azure API Management. Gain valuable insights into managing and securing your APIs effectively.

The Future of Azure Messaging Services with Clemens Vasters

In this episode of Azure on Air from the INTEGRATE Summit, Clemens Vasters, Azure's messaging platform architect, shares exciting updates and insights. Highlights include geo-replication for Service Bus and Event Hubs, processing 10 trillion transactions daily, Event Grid enhancements, MQTT support expansion, and Microsoft Fabric integration. Clemens also discusses the role of AI in messaging and introduces new developer tools like the Event Hubs emulator. Don't miss his thoughts on the Azure Relay, a crucial yet often overlooked service.

Tailored Azure Cost Savings Notifications and Alerts

Guided by expert Michael Stephenson, discover how to optimize your Azure spending with Turbo360's tailored cost savings notifications and alerts. In this detailed walkthrough, you'll learn to configure personalized notifications that identify potential cost-saving opportunities and resource optimizations within your Azure environment. Understand how weekly and monthly email alerts can keep you informed about underutilized resources and right-sizing recommendations, ensuring you make the most of your cloud investment.

Azure Logic Apps: Automated Testing Framework Feature

Upcoming Enhancements in Azure Logic Apps: Automated Testing Framework Feature with Wagner Silveira In this episode of "INTEGRATE expert voices - Unplugged" series from the Azure on Air podcast, host Michael Stephenson dives deep with Wagner Silveira from the Microsoft Azure Logic Apps team. They discuss exciting upcoming improvements in Azure Logic Apps designed to enhance the developer experience, particularly in the realm of testing.

In-App Wiki - Built-in Knowledge Repository | Turbo360

Turbo360 provides a built-in knowledge repository through Wiki, allowing users to create informative articles. Michael Stephenson walks through this new feature in Turbo360. The in-app Wiki helps create and manage knowledge base information directly within Turbo360, making it easier for support teams to access and share information. Key points covered include: The goal of Wiki is to reduce the number of support tickets escalating to the development team by empowering L1 and L2 support teams with better resources.

Optimizing Azure Cosmos DB Costs

Optimizing Azure Cosmos DB Costs In this episode of FinOps on Azure, FinOps certified practitioner - Mike and Gary from the Microsoft Cosmos DB team discuss cost management challenges on Azure, specifically focusing on Cosmos DB. They begin by addressing the common challenges organizations face when managing costs on Azure, particularly with Cosmos DB. The conversation then shifts to practical strategies for cost optimization, including topics like provisioned throughput choices, API options, and factors affecting cost.

Logic Apps and AI - The Future of Integration

In the first episode of the series "INTEGRATE expert voices - Unplugged" Kent Weare from Logic Apps team at Microsoft, discusses AI integration in Logic Apps. He highlights democratization of tech, AI's rapid evolution in integration, and potential for automating processes. Discover the potential of prompt-based integration, AI-driven data transformation, and how Logic Apps is leading this technological shift. Get insights on embracing AI in your organization and staying competitive to drive business value in the evolving Integration landscape.