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How to Benchmark Cloud FinOps Effectively

Cloud FinOps is rapidly becoming popular among organizations in today’s digital age due to its ability to help manage financial operations more efficiently. This is because it allows organizations to track, measure, and optimize their cloud spend with greater visibility. It also helps improve operational efficiency by automating numerous financial processes, including billing, budgeting, auditing, and reporting.

Confronting cloud cost challenges with FinOps

A typical organization might waste anywhere from 10 to 30% of its total cloud spend. Gain insights into the top cloud cost challenges and how cross-functional cloud finance (FinOps) teams can confront those issues head-on. This clip is from the Spot by NetApp and IDC webinar “How to accelerate your CloudOps journey,” featuring Archana Venkatraman, Research Director of CloudOps at IDC, and Jon Bock, VP of Marketing at Spot by NetApp.

2023 is When More FinOps Practices will Shift Left and Cost Optimization around Logging will Get Central Stage

Effective troubleshooting and resolution of critical production issues require DevOps and R&D teams to utilize logging and observability. However, selecting the right logging solution can be challenging, given the wide range of available options and associated costs. Additionally, the strategy for logging usage should be tailored to the needs of different personas and use cases, such as DevOps engineers versus developers.


FinOps Observability: Monitoring Kubernetes Cost

With the current financial climate, cost reduction is top of mind for everyone. IT is one of the biggest cost centers in organizations, and understanding what drives those costs is critical. Many simply don’t understand the cost of their Kubernetes workloads, or even have observability into basic units of cost. This is where FinOps comes into play, and organizations are beginning to implement those best practice standards to understand their cost.


How To Incorporate FinOps Into The DevOps Lifecycle

FinOps, or the practice of managing a company’s cloud computing costs, and DevOps, the process of efficiently building applications in the cloud, should ideally go hand-in-hand. Engineers with a streamlined development process and a cost-conscious mindset can produce functional products with great margins and a high potential for scalability. However, incorporating FinOps into the DevOps lifecycle, and vice versa, isn’t always easy.


FinOps Vs. The Old Way: How Cloud Cost Optimization Is Evolving

In the early days of SaaS companies, most engineering and cloud operations teams weren’t tasked with monitoring or optimizing cloud costs. In fact, it would have been unlikely for these teams to care about cloud cost optimization at all, let alone take measures to fix issues and look for opportunities. Today, SaaS companies that want to secure a competitive foothold and ensure long-term success have to care about cloud costs.


All Together Now: FinOps, Kubernetes, and Platform Engineering

Teams and organizations are leveraging Kubernetes to build platforms supporting their digital transformational efforts. A Kubernetes-based platform provides cloud-native architecture benefits such as automation, elasticity, resilience, and abstraction of the underlying infrastructure.


Top 5 FinOps Tips to Optimize Cloud Costs

The efficiency, flexibility and strategic value of cloud computing are driving organizations to deploy cloud-based solutions at rapid pace. Fortune Business Insights predicts the global cloud computing market will experience annual growth of nearly 18% through 2028. As the cloud becomes one of the most expensive resources for modern organizations, cloud financial management, or FinOps, has become a critical initiative.

Webinar: Overcoming Challenges to Scaling FinOps

Effective management of cloud costs is critical for digital-first organizations, especially during times of market volatility. But, it can be very challenging to effectively drive organizational alignment around FinOps. Join CyberArk and Anodot as we explore tactics for delivering successful ongoing FinOps in your organization.