Creating and Editing Custom Patches #ivanti #patch

Creating and Editing Custom Patches #ivanti #patch

Feb 7, 2024

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This instructional video provides information on how to use the Custom Patch editor within Security Controls, and how to create and edit custom patches for initial installation and updates. The information contained within this video is not a 'best practice' and is intended for educational purposes, not for architecture or design.

Viewers of this video should always test their custom patches in a safe, development environment to ensure that their intended actions are being performed by the patches to prevent any unwanted behaviour from affecting live or production services.

Steve Young, a lead technical support engineer at Ivanti, guides us through the process of creating and editing custom patches. The tutorial covers researching the patch, creating it for installations and updates, testing, and setting up deployment. It also includes identifying changes in the file system and registry, specifying files and registry keys for detection, and inserting command line switches. The importance of thorough research, planning, and testing is emphasized.

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0:00 - intro

0:27 - Custom Patch Creation

1:41 - Patch Setup & Targeting

4:34 - Deployment & Testing

11:25 - Application Update