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Creating Temporary Preview Environments Based On Pull Requests With Argo CD And Codefresh

In our big guide for Kubernetes deployments, we explained the benefits of using dynamic environments for testing. The general idea is that each developer gets a preview environment instead of having a fixed number of testing/QA environments. The environment gets created on the fly when you open a pull request. Typically, it gets destroyed when you merge the pull request (or after a specific amount of time).

Merging to Main: Navigating Success with DORA with Paul O'Reilly & Nathen Harvey (Episode 2)

I am Paul O’Reilly, the Global Customer Advocate here at Codefresh. Join me to meet all sorts of awesome people as we explore topics around Tech, DevOps, AI, Argo and others! During this session we are live with Nathen Harvey, DORA Lead and Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, discussing all things DORA Metrics. Here are the resources mentioned in the webinar: Thank you for watching!

Introducing Products and Environments (Early Access)

Have you ever found yourself wrestling with the complexities of managing ArgoCD applications across multiple environments? Are you constantly juggling naming conventions and struggling to correlate applications representing the same microservice or product? If you’ve been deep in the trenches of GitOps, you’ve likely encountered these challenges firsthand.

How to Structure Your Argo CD Repositories Using Application Sets

In the previous article of the series we explained how to model GitOps environments and promote an application between them. That article was laser-focused on a single application and its Kubernetes resources. In this article we will zoom out to look at several related subjects: It is worth mentioning that as always, our advice is a general recommendation that follows best practices.

Securing Your Container Images Using the Codefresh OIDC Provider and Keyless Signing

Deploying software to your internal systems or sending releases to external customers is a process that ideally follows strong security requirements in an end-to-end manner. In a perfect world, every software release should come with at least the following guarantees In the world of CI/CD we are mostly interested in binary artifacts and how they were created all the way from the initial release up until they reach production.

Argo CD and Codefresh GitOps Security Updates 3/18/2024 - Preventing Brute-Force and Denial of Service

In September 2023, security researchers from KTrust reported three issues through the official Argo CD security disclosure channels in accordance with Argo CD security policy. In coordination with other Argo maintainers, we have issued security updates for both Argo CD and Codefresh GitOps (enterprise Argo). Below you can read more about these CVEs, their impact, and mitigation.

Merging to Main #8: Ethics & AI with Paul O'Reilly & Dan Garfield, Codefresh

🚨 Merging to Main is back with a new host! 🚨 Let's welcome Paul O'Reilly 🎉 and follow along on his journey of exploring topics around Tech, DevOps, AI, Argo and others, with all sorts of awesome people from all around the globe! 🌎 During this session we have Codefresh's Chief Open Source Officer, Dan Garfield joining Paul live to talk about all things Ethics & AI.

Secure Credentials for GitOps Deployments Using the External Secrets Operator and AWS Secrets Manager

The security and storage of secrets is one of the most controversial subjects when it comes to GitOps deployments. Some teams want to go “by the book” and use Git as the storage medium (in an encrypted form of course) while others accept the fact that secrets must be handled in a different way (outside of GitOps). There is no right or wrong answer here and depending on the organization requirements, either solution might be a great fit.

Codefresh is joining Octopus Deploy to create the most powerful Kubernetes CD, GitOps, CI, and Argo platform

Today marks an important milestone as Codefresh joins forces with Octopus Deploy, a leading player in the Continuous Delivery space. For those less familiar with Octopus, they have been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge Continuous Delivery for VMs, Windows, and recently stepped into Kubernetes as well.