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#025 - Kubernetes for Humans Podcast with Ashan Senevirathne & Joel Studler (Swisscom)

Ashan Senevirathne is an experienced Product Owner and Senior DevOps Engineer with a proven track record in driving innovation and efficiency in telecommunications. Currently with Swisscom, leading the development of a cloud-native orchestration framework for 5G Core using Kubernetes. Adept at optimizing release engineering processes, championing CI/CD workflows, and fostering cross-functional collaboration. Recognized for his expertise in Kubernetes, GitOps, cloud-native principles, and network orchestration.

#024 - Kubernetes for Humans Podcast with Gabriele Bartolini [EDB]

A long-time open-source programmer and entrepreneur, Gabriele has a degree in Statistics from the University of Florence. After having consistently contributed to the growth of 2ndQuadrant and its members through nurturing a lean and DevOps culture, he is now leading the Cloud Native initiative at EDB.

#023 - Kubernetes for Humans Podcast with Liz Rice (Isovalent)

Special KubeCon EU 2024 Episode! She has a wealth of software development, team, and product management experience from working on network protocols and distributed systems, and in digital technology sectors such as VOD, music, and VoIP. When not writing code, or talking about it, Liz loves riding bikes in places with better weather than her native London, competing in virtual races on Zwift, and making music under the pseudonym Insider Nine..

Do We Still Need to "Observe"? The Future of AI & O11y

AI has had a massive impact on every part of our lives, but mainly on how we consume large data sets easily. The observability world is based on collecting enormous amounts of data and consuming it by observing dashboards built on monitoring tools. Most of the o11y tasks like writing complex queries, creating dashboards & defining alerts, have been done much in the same way for the last decade & AI models are well-positioned to disrupt this modus operandi.

#022 - Kubernetes for Humans with Adrian Cockcroft (Nubank)

Adrian Cockcroft has played an instrumental role in shaping the modern cloud computing landscape, particularly through his contributions at Netflix and later at Amazon Web Services (AWS). With a background in computer science, Cockcroft’s career has spanned various roles, including developer, architect, and executive positions, where his insights into scalable, resilient systems design have had a profound impact.

Let's Go Backstage: E2E IDP Tips & Tricks for Platform Engineers

Backstage is gaining wide adoption for platform engineering teams looking to build internal development platforms. After implementing Backstage, data has shown an improvement in 2X of code changes, and a decrease of 17% in cycle time making a huge impact on the business delivery pipeline for organizations. Backstage with its rich plugin ecosystem, makes it possible to get full troubleshooting and security coverage you need across your entire pipeline in a single dashboard and interface.

#021 - Kubernetes for Humans Podcast with Ramiro Berrelleza (Okteto)

Ramiro Berrelleza is one of the founders of Okteto. He has spent most of his career (and his free time) building cloud services and developer tools. Before starting Okteto, Ramiro was an Architect at Atlassian and a Software Engineer at Microsoft Azure. Originally from Mexico, he currently lives in San Francisco.