Kubernetes Management | A Short History of D2iQ

Kubernetes Management | A Short History of D2iQ

Sep 18, 2023

Join Dan Ciruli in an interview with Tobi Knaup, CEO and co-founder of D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere), as they delve into the incredible journey of D2iQ and its revolutionary D2iQ Kubernetes Platform.

Gain insights into D2iQ's unique approach to open source, leveraging best-of-breed components for a holistic open-source experience.

The conversation also covers:

  • The secret to establishing consistency across multiple environments.
  • The benefits of D2iQ's instant platform engineering approach.
  • Important considerations for cloud-native platforms.

[00:00:06] Interview with Tobi Knaup, the CEO of D2iQ
[00:00:17] Tobi Knaup discusses the transformation from Mesosphere to D2iQ
[00:01:38] Discussion on the Vision and Function of D2iQ
[00:03:08] What makes D2iQ different?
[00:04:51] D2iQ's approach to Open Source
[00:07:43] D2iQ serves customers with complex deployment environments
[00:13:07] Benefits of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP)
[00:16:04] Benefits of Instant Platform Engineering with DKP
[00:20:36] Important considerations for cloud-native platforms