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January 2023

Looking at the Crystal ball for 2023!

It has become cliché to be doing market predictions, but it certainly enables Enterprises to get a pulse on the market, get informed, evaluate and strategize for course correction. My post-pandemic 2021 Predictions, highlighted the coming out party for AI/ML Ecosystem across multiple regulated verticals. My 2022 Predictions discussed the rise of the Data Economy and Data becoming the new source code.

Why DevOps needs an AIOps approach?

This need for AIOps was simmering conveniently and gradually reaching its threshold when the pandemic suddenly hit the world, pushing organizations into remote work. The sudden, global-scale change raised challenges for IT operations teams to monitor and detect incidents in a distributed environment and maintain cybersecurity and compliance. While the pandemic pushed some organizations into the reality of remote work, others were already on their way to digital transformation.
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Top 10 DevOps Challenges & How AIOps Can Help

DevOps was conceptualized to bridge the collaborative gap between developers and IT operations. Previously, developers worked independently of operations teams, shipping their work to the IT team and moving on. DevOps created a shared sense of ownership of a product, allowing development and ops teams to work in tandem for a more streamlined and efficient workflow.