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February 2024

Data-centric AIOps: The Next Frontier With Observability Pipelines

Data-centric AI is the new frontier in AI, where the models themselves now remain stationary while tools, techniques and engineering practices improve data quality. As Andrew Ng puts it, “Data-centric AI is the discipline of systematically engineering data to build an AI system.”
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Take control of all your Telemetry Data with CloudFabrix Robotic Observability Pipelines

CloudFabrix, the Robotic Data Automation Fabric inventor, announced “Data Observability Pipelines” for dynamic Data Ingestion and automation for any data source and destination. The solution acts as a data management and integration service that uses robotic processes to automate data tasks, such as data integration, data ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and enrichment. Automated data management saves time, improves data quality, and streamlines data workflows.