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June 2023

The Buzz for CloudFabrix at Cisco Live

In line with its platform strategy, Cisco launched a vendor-agnostic full-stack observability platform built on OpenTelemetry at its signature North American partner and customer event in Las Vegas, the Cisco Live 2023. With nearly 20,000 attendees, the show was full to the brim with product, strategy and partner announcements. Scroll to the end of the article to learn more about Cisco Full Stack Observability (FSO) and how CloudFabrix is helping bring Cisco’s vision to life.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to AIOps

The traditional approach to operations management is quickly growing extinct in organizations, given the replacement of siloed architectures by integrated systems that can work with the multi-cloud, microservices, Kubernetes and distributed architectures of the modern enterprise. While modernization of IT operations was already in full swing, the pandemic tipped it over. Through the pandemic, IT operations teams were on their toes and continue to be as organizations adopt hybrid work approaches.

Impact of AI on IT Operations

The rise of Artificial Intelligence in every domain is very apparent, and as a result, the impact of AI on IT operations needs to be comprehended by one and all. AI, or artificial intelligence, is a field of computer science that focuses on developing intelligent machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence and decision-making. But what exactly are IT operations?
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Revolutionize Your Enterprise Operations with CloudFabrix Observability Data Modernization

If you research modern observability solutions to manage multi-cloud and hybrid IT environments, you will inevitably learn about OpenTelemetry (OTEL or OTel). The technology has become so rampant that dev or ops professionals still unaware of it are afraid to ask what it actually means. Fret not, as we’ll describe it for you here.

My Perspective on CloudFabrix Collaboration with the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform

I am thrilled that CloudFabrix is a pioneering design partner for Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability Platform (FSO). The Cisco FSO Platform has been designed with a vision of providing a unified observability experience across all application and infrastructure aspects, thereby dismantling silos. The platform’s choice to adopt OpenTelemetry as the protocol for data ingestion via MELT opens up the possibility for comprehensive insights on the complete stack.