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June 2018

Monitor Azure Kubernetes Service with Datadog

Microsoft recently released Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), a managed service that helps you deploy, run, and scale Kubernetes clusters. We’re pleased to share that Datadog’s integrations with Kubernetes and Azure Monitor can give you comprehensive visibility into your AKS infrastructure with no additional configuration.

New integrations for Azure monitoring

We are proud to announce that we have enhanced our Microsoft Azure integration to support more than 60 Azure services, including Cosmos DB, Service Bus, and Azure DB for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Datadog now automatically collects metrics and tags from all services supported by Azure Monitor to provide comprehensive Azure monitoring through one integration.

Monitor Oracle Database with Datadog

Oracle Database has long been a mainstay of the business world. Companies use it to handle data sets backing a wide variety of complex applications, including data warehouses or OLTP systems. Oracle Database includes enterprise-friendly features that emphasize scalability, advanced partitioning, and optimized availability of data across a large, potentially disparate infrastructure, as well as real-time backup and recovery tools.

Monitor Amazon EKS with Datadog

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), the latest addition to the AWS platform, is a cloud-based Kubernetes service that provides features for automated cluster management and maintenance. Whether you are migrating an existing Kubernetes cluster or deploying a new application to Amazon EKS, Datadog can help you monitor your container infrastructure and applications in real time.