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Cloud migration vs modernization - What's the difference?

Cloud migration vs modernization – What are the nuances? Cloud migration involves moving applications and data to the cloud often with minimal changes to their architecture. Cloud migration projects usually aim to leverage cloud infrastructure for benefits such as scalability, flexibility and reduced on-prem maintenance.

eG Enterprise Monitoring Now Available on the IGEL App Portal

For several years, eG Innovations has been providing advanced AIOps-powered monitoring and observability to customers leveraging IGEL-powered devices in VDI and DaaS environments. Our out-of-the-box metric thresholds, alerting, dashboards, and reporting ensure IT teams can proactively avoid end-user support calls and tickets and ensure organizations get optimal performance from their IGEL investment. IGEL and eG Innovations recently announced the availability of eG Enterprise on the IGEL App Portal.

Demystifying Java Lambda Expressions

SRE and IT Operations play a critical role in ensuring reliable, high-performance applications. Yet, SREs (Site Reliability Engineers) often face ‘thrown-over-the-wall’ code deployments to operate without having insights into the code-level features. In my previous article (“Is your Java Observability tool Lambda Expressions aware?”), I delved into one such code-level feature: Java lambda expressions which replace anonymous inner classes.

Bridging the Gap: Overcoming Communication Challenges Between Helpdesk, SREs, IT Teams, and Database Administrators

One area where communication breakdowns commonly occur is between helpdesk / IT teams / SREs and database administrators (DBAs), especially when troubleshooting application problems associated with databases. Smooth communication between different teams is key to resolving application performance issues efficiently and speedily. However, it is usually inappropriate for helpdesk staff to have access to the database monitoring privileges and tools used by DB administrators.

Podcast - The Power of Observability and Automation of Citrix Technologies with eG Innovations

The Citrix Ready team recently recorded a podcast with eG Innovations for their Tech Fusion podcast series. Hosted by Neil C. Hughes from The Tech Blog Writer, Wendy Howard from eG Innovations’ pre-sales, and Manjunatha Gali from Citrix Ready discussed how eG Enterprise enhances and goes beyond native Citrix monitoring tools with its unique observability and automation features. You can listen to the podcast: They covered a wide range of topics, including.

Will Broadcom's plans for VMware affect you?

It is an unsettling time for many of our partners and customers, particularly those leveraging VMware technologies such as VDI and server virtualization, with uncertainty of Broadcom’s plans after their recent acquisition of VMware and likely changes to licensing costs, SKUs, product availability and so on.

Database Trends 2024: The Power of Cloud, Consumption Models, and the Popularity of PostgreSQL

A large proportion of our customers rely on eG Enterprise to monitor and troubleshoot application and end-user experience problems caused by problems in underlying database dependencies. Our end-to-end unified monitoring and root-cause analysis platform supports all major database technologies. Over recent years, we have witnessed a significant shift from traditional on-premises databases to more dynamic, scalable solutions.

Detecting PowerShell Exploitation

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is a top priority for organizations. Hackers are continuously finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise systems. PowerShell, a powerful scripting language and automation framework developed by Microsoft, has unfortunately become a favored tool among attackers due to its capability to run.NET code and execute dynamic code downloaded from another system (or the internet) and execute it in memory without ever touching disk.

5 Ways AIOps Monitoring Benefits EUC Environments

The adoption of AIOps monitoring technologies has been somewhat slower in EUC than many other areas of IT. The legacy VDI and DaaS vendor tools set expectations low for many. It is still relatively common for us to come across potential customers who are using legacy tools and manually exporting 6 months of data into an excel spreadsheet to try and work out average and peak usage of resources such as CPU to then manually calculate alert thresholds.