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Monitor cron jobs, micro services and almost anything else. Realtime alerts when your tasks and services don't run on schedule, run too long or fail unexpectedly. Easier cron troubleshooting and no more silent failures.

The AWS spend of a SaaS small business

In the first 30 days after moving Cronitor to AWS in January, 2015 we collected $535 in MRR and paid $64.47 for hosting, data transfer and a domain name. In the time since we’ve continued to increase our footprint, level-up instances and add more managed services. Despite the AWS reputation as an expensive foot-gun we’ve improved availability while keeping our bill consistently close to 12.5% of revenue. Here’s a look.

Lessons learned with Stripe subscriptions

In June, 2014 we shipped an MVP for Cronitor that was so basic I cringe a little when I think about it. It didn’t do very much, most features were cut, but it shipped with paid subscriptions on day one. We sold one to a friend. My earliest work on subscription integration was primitive: The first month’s charge was captured during the upgrade but we created each subscription by hand in the Stripe dashboard.