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Mastering Centralized Logging with OpenSearch

For effective centralized logging, OpenSearch is a perfect solution as OpenSearch offers powerful querying and analysis capabilities, and it’s highly scalable and flexible. In this article, we will outline why you should use OpenSearch for centralized logging, before outlining how to easily configure centralized logging in OpenSearch.

The Importance of Observability for Healthcare Providers

The systems and data that healthcare providers utilize and process are fundamental to its successful operation. Therefore these organizations must invest in appropriate and powerful observability solutions that enable them to effectively monitor their systems and valuable data. These tools and solutions allow healthcare providers to securely manage, deliver, and ensure uptime for their entire IT infrastructure.

Your Guide to Observability Engineering in 2024

It may sound complicated and daunting, but so much of observability is about discovering the unknown unknowns in your critical systems. The capabilities of observability engineering can help you make those discoveries. Most organizations have some form of monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting, which can be adequate to a point but fall short when trying to determine the root cause of unexpected outages.

From "rebooting" to reliable and secure applications: Optimizing the customer experience

Not so long ago in my career, I remember when it was relatively acceptable for infrastructure or development teams to solve a problem by rebooting a server or just “turning things off and on again.” It didn’t matter what caused the problem or how long the reboot would fix things, provided they were fixed for now. Security teams were always held to a different standard.

6 Tips to Integrate Container Orchestration and APM Tools

Application performance monitoring (APM) setup and strategies vary based on the application’s infrastructure design. Containers managed by orchestration tools like Docker Swarm or Kubernetes are dynamic and ephemeral, significantly affecting monitoring strategies. Container development speeds up an organization’s ability to build, deploy and scale new features.

Get More Out of Cribl Edge by Dropping Events

In today’s environments, the number of endpoints seems to be endless. Simultaneously, with more advanced bad actors and increasingly complex systems, it is more important than ever that no endpoint goes unmonitored. However, many solutions simply can’t keep up with this growing scale of data collection at the edge.

What You Need to Know: 2024 Observability and Security Market Map

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, staying on top of market trends is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in the evolving world of observability and security. Recently, Cribl hosted a webinar to shed light on 2024 industry trends, and opportunities and challenges for both end users and vendors.. One of the notable highlights of the webinar is the convergence of observability and security, reflecting the shared data challenges faced by both IT and security teams.

AWS vs GCP: Which Cloud Service Logs Can Provide the Most Valuable Data to Improve Your Business

The infrastructure and services running on public cloud computing services like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) produce massive volumes of logs every day. An organization’s log data provides details about their entire IT environment in real-time, or at any point in time in history.