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Elastic Search 8.13: Simplifying embedding and ranking for developers

Elastic Search 8.13 extends the capabilities that enable developers to use artificial intelligence and machine learning models to create fast and elevated search experiences. Integrated with Apache Lucene 9.10, measured vector search performance has exceeded 2x in benchmarks, extending the sophistication of searches that can be performed in near real time.

Searchception! Iterative Search Through Prior Search Results

An analyst’s process often involves searching through a given set of data many times, refining the question and analytics performed each time. Cribl Search was originally designed to be stateless – executing each search from the original dataset provider(s) with every execution. However, a new feature has been introduced to allow searching into previous cached results, accelerating the analyst process for certain types of iterative search development.

Conquering Data Lakes and Searching Google Cloud Storage Buckets With Cribl Search

What might you accomplish if you could easily search your data lakes without paying to move the data first? The most likely outcome is that you address a critical security incident quicker than ever, save your organization millions of dollars, get a promotion, and then go down in history as the best-looking, most talented analyst to have searched a storage bucket.

Effortlessly Search Data From Amazon S3 Buckets With Cribl Search

On a scale from walk-in-the-park → scaling Mount Everest, how easy is it for you to search your S3 buckets? Retrieving data to respond to security incidents, demonstrate compliance, or extract insights shouldn’t require jumping through hoops or overpaying for access.Cribl Search has native support for platforms like Amazon Security Lake, Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud Storage, enabling seamless data analysis right at its source.

How to create a search engine

Search engines are one of those things in life we take for granted. Whenever we’re looking for something, we throw a word or phrase into a search engine and, like magic, it gives us a list of matching results. It might not feel as magical nowadays because it’s something we do every day. But anyone who remembers the days of Alta Vista should understand how well we have it now.

593% return on investment by migrating off OpenSearch for search and logging

When investing in technology, organizations should look for products and services that get them the best bang for their buck. So, who comes out on top when investing in search and logging solutions? Elasticsearch® surpasses OpenSearch in cost efficiency.

Cribl Search and Common Schema: Faster, More Accurate Detections

Are you drowning in data from disparate sources? Are you struggling to analyze it efficiently, sift through different formats, and catch crucial signals? You’re not alone. Cribl Search and Cribl Stream is a powerful combo that lets you unlock insights from vast data volumes – regardless of their source or format. Say goodbye to siloed searches and hello to holistic analysis.

Understanding AI search algorithms

Artificial intelligence tools are everywhere, and it’s no mystery why. They can carry out a huge variety of tasks and find the solutions to many everyday problems. But these apps are only as good as their AI search algorithm. In simple terms, an AI search algorithm is the decision-making formula an AI tool uses to find the optimal solution to your specific problem. Search algorithms may make trade-offs between speed, relevance, or another weighted factor.

5 AI search trends impacting developers in 2024

After an incredibly fast-moving 2023, what does the future hold for AI and search? Conversational generative AI leapt into the public consciousness over the past year, and organizations scrambled to define their strategy for capitalizing on the trend. AI-boosted relevance is reshaping the way users experience search — and elevating their expectations for the quality of the interaction.

Let's Put on a Show With Cribl's Search Sandbox!

Remember when you were a kid and your school put on a production of the latest grade school drama? Maybe you didn’t get the lead role, but it was fun to put on (or watch) the show. Search Sandboxes are just like that! Except you get to be the stage manager when searching data. And Search Sandboxes offer you everything you need to make it an all-star performance.