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Mobile app observability with OpenTelemetry, Embrace, and Grafana Cloud

We are excited to announce an expansion of our partnership with Embrace to bring mobile observability to our users using open standards like OpenTelemetry. We first worked with Embrace last year when they created a plugin for Grafana that gives mobile teams an easy way to visualize and analyze real-time mobile metrics directly in a Grafana dashboard.

Why we're excited to partner with Laravel

In case you missed it, our friends at Laravel just announced a new partnership with… well… Sentry. The TL;DR is that you can add error monitoring and tracing capabilities to new or existing Forge/Vapor sites with just a few clicks. This new integration is designed to help PHP developers collect real telemetry on their projects as easily as possible.

Unleashing the Power of Data: Announcing the Official Partnership Between Observo AI and Splunk

Observo AI is excited to announce that we are an official partner with Splunk, a Cisco company. Pairing Splunk Enterprise with Observo AI's observability and security data pipeline enhances the capabilities and efficiencies of security and DevOps teams even further. By optimizing data before it hits a Splunk index and creating a fully searchable data lake for long-term retention, Observo AI can optimize customers’ infrastructure costs including storage, cloud egress, and compute.

Strategies for Third-Party Risk Mitigation: Essential Practices for Secure Partnerships

Effective third-party risk mitigation is crucial for organizations navigating today's complex business environment. Many firms face diverse challenges from third-party entities, making a robust risk management framework indispensable. By adopting continuous improvement and proactive risk identification strategies, such as using Evident COI Tracking, companies can substantially reduce vulnerabilities and protect their interests.

Kosli and Swiss Digital Network partner to enhance Continuous Compliance and Verification

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Kosli and Swiss Digital Network (SDN). This collaboration is set to revolutionize how Swiss organizations approach Continuous Compliance and Verification, combining the strengths of both companies to enabeling regulated sectors like finance and healthcare the power to deliver software with security, compliance, and speed.

Steps to Building Strategic Vendor Partnerships for Enhanced End-User Value

Vendor partnerships are the core of the MSP business model. These partnerships enable MSPs to offer vital services like data backups, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions to complement their offerings. These partnerships provide unique competitive differentiators that help MSPs stand out in a crowded market when well-managed. Strong vendor relationships are vital to achieving growth and establishing a solid brand presence.

Turbo360 Welcomes Black Marble as a Partner in Excellence

We at Turbo360 are thrilled to announce our partnership with Black Marble, a renowned leader in high-quality software development and innovative solutions. With their extensive expertise across the Microsoft platform and commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences, Black Marble brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to our collaborative efforts.

A New Era of Cloud Security with Cribl and Wiz

Cribl is an integrations company at heart. We want to help every company develop a data strategy that gives them more control, improves security, and provides flexibility to adapt to their ever-changing data needs. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we are a Certified Wiz Integration (WIN) Partner to help customers take their cloud security game to the next level.

Cribl Collaborates with Microsoft: Empowering Enterprises to Strengthen their Security Operations

As the cybersecurity landscape becomes more and more complex. It seems like we hear about a major breach of a different company every day. Enterprises are looking for robust solutions to help them manage the surge in data and security incidents. That’s why our recent collaboration announcement with Microsoft means so much to us. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s a testament to our dedication to providing customers with the best tools and solutions for the job.

ZenOps & StackState Partner for Kubernetes Observability Solution in France

ZenOps and StackState announce a partnership for the distribution in France of StackState solutions for Kubernetes problem detection and resolution, observability of containerized environments and application performance management. ZenOps will be able to offer these solutions to enterprises and the public sector, drawing on its technical expertise in cloud-native approaches and providing first-level support.