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Numerous companies keep launching AI/ML features, specifically “ChatGPT for XYZ” type productization. Given the buzz around Large Language Models (LLMs), consumers and executives alike are growing to assume that building AI/ML-based products and features is easy. LLMs can appear to be magical as users experiment with them.
  |  By Colin Fallwell
Back in September when Cisco announced they were acquiring Splunk, we explained how the market was consolidating with Sumo Logic ahead of the pack, challenging traditional vendors with our cloud-native platform. Now that the deal is complete and Splunk is officially a Cisco company, we’re hearing from more Splunk customers who are considering their options.
  |  By Bashyam Anant
Noisy monitors can lead to alert fatigue, which frustrates engineers and hinders innovation. With our patent-pending anomaly detection capabilities built on the power of AI, you can eliminate 60-90% of alerts. A unique differentiator, Sumo Logic’s alerts can also trigger one or more playbooks to drive auto-diagnosis or remediation and accelerate time to recovery for application incidents. Faster issue remediation means engineers can focus more time on development and releasing software.
  |  By Michael Cucchi
Doing security and observability by budget sucks. Choosing where to limit your visibility and deciding which logs and data you may need before you actually need them is backward logic in today’s AI-driven world. The plain reality is that log management and analytics shouldn’t be based only on what you can afford to ingest.
  |  By Joe Kim
It’s safe to say that Generative AI and the launch of GPT4 caused the most excitement – and fear – in technology in 2023. It’s not surprising with its possible areas of application and ease of use. Even schoolchildren are using it!
  |  By Sumo Logic
In a perfect world, there would be no issues with the operating system and no problems with the applications. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. System failures can and will occur, and when they do, it is the responsibility of system administrators to diagnose and resolve the issues. But where can system administrators begin the search for solutions when problems arise? The answer is Windows event logs.
  |  By Scott Fitzpatrick
Modern systems look very different than they did years ago. For the most part, development organizations have moved away from building traditional monoliths towards developing containerized applications running across a highly distributed infrastructure. While this change has made systems inherently more resilient, the increase in overall complexity has made it more important and more challenging to effectively identify and address problems at their root cause when issues occur.
  |  By Kalyan Ramanathan
You should read this if you are an executive (CIO/CISO/CxO) or IT professional seeking to understand various Kubernetes business use cases. You’ll address topics like: Many enterprises adopting a multi-cloud strategy and breaking up their monolithic code realize that container management platforms like Kubernetes are the first step to building scalable modern applications.
  |  By Michael Riordan and Janet Alexander
The clock is ticking for financial services companies that operate in the European Union (EU). Starting in January 2025, financial services providers and their third-party technology service providers must meet the new regulatory requirements of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA).
  |  By Anton Ovrutsky and Brandon Borodach
In the continually evolving digital landscape, the importance of effective and efficient logging cannot be overstated. When we journey into the realm of Linux, this rings particularly true. Today, we'll delve into why Linux logging is vital, the challenges customers commonly encounter with it, and how Sumo Logic has emerged as a market leader in providing unparalleled SIEM solutions.
  |  By Sumo Logic
The tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to deploy the AWS Observability Solution using the CloudFormation template using the quick and new method. The CloudFormation template being used in this method sets up an automated collection of logs and metrics from AWS to the Sumo Logic service.
  |  By Sumo Logic
This video introduces Sumo Logic’s new AI-driven alerting capability. Learn how AI-driven alerting reduces alert noise and accelerates incident diagnosis and recovery time. For more information, refer to the resources here.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Today's data and log analytics solutions are centered on the volume of data ingested. But as businesses continue to grow, the applications at the heart of that growth continue to increase in complexity. With modern applications, attempting to scale investments in observability and security by log volume isn’t possible, until now. Sumo Logic's VP of Product Marketing, Michael Cucchi, talks about some of the cost barriers associated with managing log analytics and the top four reasons to consider a modern unlimited ingest pricing model as part of your log management strategy.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Sit down with Joe Kim, Sumo Logic's CEO, and Michael Cucchi, VP of Product Marketing, for a fireside chat (minus the fire) about Sumo Logic's new flex licensing plan. They'll discuss how removing the cost of ingesting log data across an enterprise: Tune in for a 20-minute chat about what happens when you can finally log everything with $0 ingest.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Please join us as Trent teaches Sumo Logic metrics & Kubernetes Observability!
  |  By Sumo Logic
Please join us as JT teaches how to use Sumo Logic's Cloud Infrastructure Security for AWS.
  |  By Sumo Logic
SOCAR needed an observability solution that could parse logs, monitor ephemeral infrastructure in Kubernetes and ensure high visibility into their application, all at a price that fit their budget. Sumo Logic checked all those boxes and has already boosted team collaboration. Learn more about their purchase decision and how they're already making unexpected discoveries.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Please join us as Melissa reviews Open Telemetry and Sumo Logic OTEL Distro Collection.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Meet Rick Jury, Senior Technical Account Manager at Sumo Logic. In this video, Rick talks about the ingestion pipeline and the journey that a log message takes from collection into the Sumo platform, and considerations for administrators around the ingestion pipeline. You will be excited to see how this translates into a search, turning a raw event into a schema and then into actual insights.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Please join us as Bashyam and Ash teach us about alerting and playbooks for Monitoring & Observability within Sumo Logic!
  |  By Sumo Logic
Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions have been around since 2000, and they were developed with the goal of helping organizations in the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches.
  |  By Sumo Logic
SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management and these solutions have been around since 2000. They were developed with the goal of helping organizations in the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches.
  |  By Sumo Logic
In this paper we will discuss some of the general philosophies and perspectives that will assist anyone who wants to securely leverage the benefits the cloud by using its strengths to overcome issues that have traditionally been labeled as weaknesses.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Enterprises of all sizes are facing an information technology crisis. Ironically, this crisis comes at a time when the power of IT has never been stronger, thus presenting both an opportunity and a challenge.
  |  By Sumo Logic
It is essential to have a machine data analytics platform that can support logs, metrics and events. It is even more important to have machine data analytics platform as a service that eliminates additional burden of managing the management system.
  |  By Sumo Logic
This white paper describes the technologies and processes used by Sumo Logic to secure customer data, and provides background on the company's deeply ingrained security culture.
  |  By Sumo Logic
This white paper is intended to support stakeholders movement of applications to the cloud, and provide some fundamental approaches to adopt in order to better protect every layer of the AWS infrastructure.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Building an ELK Stack can be expensive and requires lot of time and resources to make it production ready. This technical paper will highlight the efforts involved in building an ELK Stack.
  |  By Sumo Logic
The AWS Cloud is no longer the future of information technology infrastructure, but rather a present day reality. As data growth continues to expand, organizations around the world are avoiding building, and in some cases, actively closing down, on-premises datacenters as paying for the total cost of ownership for such environments is becoming an unwieldy, or at the very least inefficient, use of capital. This trend can be observed with the increasingly rapid adoption of cloud services over recent years.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Sumo Logic commissioned 451 Research to conduct a research study to better understand the potential of machine data. Is machine data in fact an important source of fuel in the analytics economy? Do businesses recognize the role machine data can play in driving business intelligence? Are businesses that recognize the power of machine data leaders in their field?

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Sumo Logic is a secure, cloud-native, machine data analytics service, delivering real-time, continuous intelligence from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data across the entire application lifecycle and stack.

Build, run and secure your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Hybrid applications with Sumo Logic, a cloud-native, machine data analytics service for log management and time series metrics.

  • Optimize Continuous Delivery: Accelerate development, testing, & deployment of your application.
  • Monitor & Troubleshoot in Real Time: Enable DevOps to proactively identify and fix performance issues.
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  • Simplify Compliance Management: Ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and much more.

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