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Black Hat USA: Adaptable Security From HAProxy

The curtain rose and fell on another spectacular Black Hat USA, the conference set against the backdrop of fabulous Las Vegas in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. We knew upon hitting the Strip that all the glamor and neon lights were just the preshow for the main event: innovation and the latest in cybersecurity. We couldn’t wait to show attendees and fellow vendors what we had to offer.


How business acumen boosts application security

To outpace the competition in an era where high-performing, secure digital experiences are expected, business acumen can inform AppSec priorities. Now more than ever, business leaders are racing to build, modernize and deploy business-critical apps on-premises and within distributed, cloud native environments.


15 surprisingly scary application security statistics

Take a research-based look at the state of application security and learn how leveraging security builds user trust, resilience and revenue growth. According to the cybersecurity readiness index released by Cisco in March of 2023, less than 10% of all companies worldwide are considered mature enough to tackle today’s cybersecurity issues. In part, this lag in maturity can be attributed to 92% of technologists prioritizing rapid innovation across application development ahead of app security.


A guide to static application security testing (SAST)

Static application security testing (SAST) involves analyzing source code to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities. Using SAST early in development identifies threats before they can affect a live environment. SAST is particularly important for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. These pipelines automate the integration of new code changes into the main codebase and deploy applications to production environments.


Building digital trust and fueling growth through application security

Security awareness is at an all time high. Companies need the right tools to support innovation while building digital trust that users demand. Learn how Cisco Secure Application can help solve this challenge. Security awareness skyrockets with every breach. In response, users are doubling down on vetting the trustworthiness of companies before transacting.


Cisco introduces full-stack observability enhancement: Business Risk Observability

NOW AVAILABLE through Cisco Secure Application, on the Cisco AppDynamics SaaS platform, new security capabilities combine attack mapping and a business risk score for business transactions to help organizations prioritize responses based on likely impact on the business and users.


Are your applications secured end-to-end?

Kubernetes has grown immensely, and its use within organizations is maturing. While Kubernetes’ growth is exciting, security concerns around applications deployed on Kubernetes are mounting. Red Hat performed a survey with hundreds of DevOps professionals, and it showed that 55% delayed application releases due to security issues.


Are your applications secure? Can you find it out without complex rules?

The modernization of infrastructure and applications is driving the rapid growth of containers, and as companies scale the adoption of Kubernetes, it’s critical to incorporate security and compliance. The challenge? Compliance and security is a journey, not a state in time, and application security in Kubernetes has a large surface area. This challenge increases exponentially as you run more applications, onboard more developers, add more environments, add new pipelines, and more.