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DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu - A Discussion with the Authors - Tanzu Talk

What is VMware Tanzu? I get asked this question a lot and, you know, I try to explain it. If you want a really good explanation, you should check out a new book on the topic, _DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu_. It's expansive and in-depth, not only on the parts of Tanzu, but also the theory, ideas, and ways of working that Tanzu embodies.
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5 Advanced DevSecOps Techniques to Try in 2023

If you're here, you know the basic DevSecOps practices like incorporating proper encryption techniques and embracing the principle of least privilege. You may be entering the realm of advanced DevSecOps maturity, where you function as a highly efficient, collaborative team, with developers embracing secure coding and automated security testing best practices.


Simplifying Kubernetes DevSecOps Through Platform Engineering

DevSecOps–short for development, security, and operations–is a trending practice that introduces security testing, triage, and risk mitigation as early as possible in the software development lifecycle, rather than bolting on security in the final stages. DevSecOps requires a shift (also known as “shift-left”) in culture, process, and tools across development, security, and operations teams to make security a shared responsibility.


Securing the DX NetOps Development Lifecycle with DevSecOps

Recent, high-profile cybersecurity exploits, such as Sun Burst and Log4j, demonstrate that every enterprise is only a stone’s throw from a software vulnerability. This becomes especially critical when security is breached in a network monitoring component that has privileged access to core enterprise systems. In the case of Sun Burst, a well-known monitoring software provider made international headlines.


Going All In: Why Customer Zero Is the Ultimate Gift to Your Customers - and Your Own Team

Innovation in DevSecOps must keep pace with the speed of the dynamic, volatile modern cybersecurity environment. Yesterday’s solution worked beautifully…yesterday. What has it done for me today? Continual iteration and speed are paramount, but they’re not without risks. As a SaaS provider, how do you know that the latest evolution of your product works at scale? How do you know that it works at all?


ESG research: leveraging observability data for DevSecOps

There’s a call throughout the industry to shift security left in the software development lifecycle, expanding the DevOps methodologies that have been growing in adoption for more than a decade. DevSecOps is based on the idea that security is not an afterthought. Rather, it is a collaborative process that must be integrated from the start of the development process.

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Elevate App Development and DevSecOps Experience with New Integrations in VMware Tanzu Application Platform

Many businesses today rely on delivering modern applications that provide the best customer experience and competitive advantage on any cloud. Modern applications require a modern cloud native infrastructure. One of the clearest signs of cloud native technology mainstreaming (i.e., Kubernetes) is the rapid growth in the number of clusters being deployed in the multi-cloud environment.


Puppet and Government: DevSecOps in government environments

This blog is the second in a four-part series about how Puppet can help government agencies meet compliance and security requirements. Read the first post here. Zero Trust is a strategy created to combat system intrusions through a “never trust, always verify” model. DevSecOps is a collaborative software development strategy that integrates development, security, and operations practices into a continuously evolving lifecycle.

Tanzu Talk - What is DevSecOps? Part 02: Automating Verification and Guardrails

What is DevSecOps? Here’s part two of what I think it is, actual new tools you can use when it comes to verifying/trusting what’s in your apps and putting out guardrails for developers. Plus, some repaving for you 3 R’s OGs.