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Introducing the Elastic distribution of the OpenTelemetry Java Agent

As Elastic continues its commitment to OpenTelemetry (OTel), we are excited to announce the Elastic distribution of the OTel Java Agent. In this blog post, we will explore the rationale behind our unique distribution, detailing the powerful additional features it brings to the table. We will provide an overview of how these enhancements can be utilized with our distribution, the standard OTel SDK, or the vanilla OTel Java agent.

Reducing MTTR with the Elastic Observability AI Assistant

In this quick overview, discover how the Elastic Observability AI Assistant can streamline your operations and significantly reduce Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR). In just a minute or two, we'll highlight the key features and benefits of integrating AI into your observability strategy. Perfect for IT professionals and SREs who are looking for an efficient solution to improve system uptime and performance. Watch now to learn how AI can make a real difference in your response times!

Performance Optimization with Elastic Observability

Welcome to our quick overview of Performance Optimization with Elastic Observability! In this video, we explore the basics of how Elastic Observability can enhance your system’s performance monitoring and management. Discover key features that help you keep your applications running smoothly and efficiently, without deep diving into complexities. Perfect for anyone looking to get a quick grasp of what Elastic Observability can offer.

Incident Management and Troubleshooting with Elastic Observability

Welcome to our quick guide on enhancing your incident management and troubleshooting capabilities using Elastic Observability. In this brief overview, we'll highlight how Elastic Observability can streamline your operations and help you quickly pinpoint and resolve issues. Whether you're looking to improve your response times or just want a snapshot of what Elastic can offer, this video is the perfect starting point.

Finding unknown/unknowns in logs for SREs with Elastic Observability

Welcome to a quick overview of how Elastic Observability can help SREs tackle the elusive unknown/unknowns in their system logs. In just a minute or two, this video will introduce you to the basic strategies and tools that Elastic provides to enhance your site reliability through smarter data insights. Perfect for professionals looking to quick-start their monitoring capabilities without getting overwhelmed. Dive in and discover how to transform your logs into actionable insights!

Custom Alerts, SLOs, and Anomaly Detection with Elastic Observability

In this overview, we'll introduce you to the key features of Elastic Observability, focusing on custom alerts, service level objectives (SLOs), and anomaly detection. Whether you're managing infrastructure, ensuring service reliability, or overseeing software performance, these tools are essential for maintaining system health and efficiency. This video provides a quick glimpse into how Elastic Observability can streamline your monitoring tasks and alert you to issues before they impact your services. Perfect for those looking to enhance their observability strategy.

Elastic's RAG-based AI Assistant: Analyze application issues with LLMs and private GitHub issues

As an SRE, analyzing applications is more complex than ever. Not only do you have to ensure the application is running optimally to ensure great customer experiences, but you must also understand the inner workings in some cases to help troubleshoot. Analyzing issues in a production-based service is a team sport. It takes the SRE, DevOps, development, and support to get to the root cause and potentially remediate. If it's impacting, then it's even worse because there is a race against time.

Introducing Elastic's OpenTelemetry Distribution for Node.js

We are delighted to announce the alpha release of the Elastic OpenTelemetry Distribution for Node.js. This distribution is a light wrapper around the OpenTelemetry Node.js SDK that makes it easier to get started using OpenTelemetry to observe your Node.js applications.

The benefits of utilizing locally hosted models with Elastic AI Assistant

A way for public sector organizations to leverage generative AI today to solve security challenges With its ability to sift through large amounts of data to find unusual patterns, generative AI now plays a key role in helping teams protect their organizations from cyber threats. It also helps security professionals by augmenting their skills and bridging gaps in their knowledge.

Getting started with the Elastic AI Assistant for Observability and Amazon Bedrock

Elastic recently released version 8.13, which includes the general availability of Amazon Bedrock integration for the Elastic AI Assistant for Observability. This blog post will walk through the step-by-step process of setting up the Elastic AI Assistant with Amazon Bedrock.