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Ask Me Anything: Solving the Top 10 WhatsUp Gold Support Issues

IT Infrastructure (ITIM) tools can take time to learn. That’s even true for WhatsUp Gold, which receives excellent reviews on third party sites for its ease of customization, ease of implementation and vendor support. Thankfully, with WhatsUp Gold, you have many resources at your disposal, including the knowledge base, online documentation, YouTube Channel and community forums.

Episode 3 | Ryan Cooke on CSPM, DSPM and Data Security in the Cloud

In this episode, the hosts and guest discuss the importance of data security posture management (DSPM) and its role in protecting sensitive data. They explore the evolution of the cybersecurity and data security market over the years, highlighting the challenges and advancements in securing data in cloud environments. The conversation also touches on the vendor landscape, the complexity of selecting security tools, and the need for organizations to invest in data security. The key takeaways include the overwhelming number of security tools available, the importance of aligning security goals with business risks, and the impact of regulations on data security.

How to test your systems for scalability and redundancy with Fault Injection

Part of the Gremlin Office Hours series: A monthly deep dive with Gremlin experts. Do you know if your services can tolerate losing a node? What about an entire availability zone? Or a region?‍ Large-scale outages aren’t unheard of. When you’re running critical services, it’s vital that those services can keep running even if an AZ or region fails. In addition to failing over, these services also need to scale quickly so traffic shifts don’t overwhelm your systems. How do you prove that a service is both scalable and redundant? The answer is with Fault Injection.

NinjaOne Speedrun: From zero to fully functional IT in 60 minutes

Does the thought of switching to a new endpoint management solution make you go, “ugh!”? Worried about the time, effort, and frustration that will go into migration and implementation? Fear not! NinjaOne is easy to setup, implement, and use — 92% of customers say it takes them less than a month to fully implement NinjaOne (and 58% say it takes less than a week). Join this NinjaOne Speedrun webinar and conquer IT setup in 60 minutes flat. Our Field CTO Jeff Hunter will be your guide in this fast-paced session, showing you exactly how to.

Facing the Future of SBOMs: Are You Ready to Overcome Their Biggest Challenges?

In this session at Navigate North America 24, Cortez Frazier Jr. from Fossa delves into the critical world of Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs). As regulatory demands increase and the call for software component transparency becomes louder, mastering SBOMs is essential. Cortez unpacks the complexities of creating, managing, and distributing SBOMs, offering actionable solutions to streamline the process.

Detecting, Investigating, and Responding to Threats: Best Practices

In this webinar, we will explore tips, trends and best practices for quickly and accurately detecting and responding to an always-evolving array of bad actors. Don't miss the chance to explain why your solution can help strengthen defences and give IT managers some peace of mind in an increasingly scary threat landscape.

How to Achieve Agility With Stability

In the fast-paced world of modern software development, the demand for innovation is relentless. CI/CD promises many benefits, including agility, team productivity and satisfaction. Doing CI/CD “the right way” though, can feel overwhelming. If your team is pushing code through the CI/CD pipeline more and more often, how do you know that it works? In other words, how do you balance innovation with reliability?