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9 customer experience predictions for 2024

ServiceNow is excited to peer into the future of customer experience (CX) to see what’s in store. Customer operations and service delivery have undergone significant disruptions in recent years. The year ahead promises to be no different. The continuing need to deliver a frictionless customer journey, a renewed focus on improving the agent experience, and the meteoric rise of generative AI (GenAI) are some of the many reasons why CX is poised for transformation.


Goal Alignment: Meeting Customer Expectations for SOWs

Goal alignment is an essential part of developing long-lasting relationships with customers and clients. For instance, if you are offering consulting services, it’s important to make sure that you are on the same page as your clients from the outset and have a solid understanding of their needs. When both parties are fully aligned with set goals and outcomes, you leave no room for hidden surprises further down the line. ‍

Leveraging Cloud-Based Call Center Solution for Business Growth

In today's fast-paced business environment, cloud-based call center solutions are increasingly recognized as crucial tools for driving growth and enhancing customer service. These innovative solutions offer a new frontier in business communication, combining the flexibility and scalability of the cloud with powerful customer service capabilities. This exploration dives into the transformative impact of cloud-based call center technologies on business operations, underscoring their role in streamlining customer interactions, boosting efficiency, and enabling sophisticated data management, ultimately contributing to substantial business growth.

ServiceOps: Revolutionizing decision-making for dynamic business

Business moves fast. As organizations push to constantly transform and stay ahead of competition, they must consider how they’ll support ever-growing internal- and external-facing demands in every aspect of their business operations. To innovate and change at such a demanding pace, and meet customer expectations, IT service management and operations teams must come out of their silos to converge into service operations (ServiceOps).

Advantages of ITSM: Improve IT Service Management

In today's rapidly growing digital world, the reliance of organizations on their IT departments or IT services is supreme. No one can ever think of expanding or functioning without seeking help from IT services. For an organization's success, the IT department must always be on its toes to fulfill the demands of the internal teams and customers. But do you think all this can be possible manually or individually? No. Hence, many businesses have started adopting the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool to improve their IT services.

Resource Scheduling in Project Management: Beginner's Guide

Whether you are working with limited resources or simply want to manage what you have more effectively, resource scheduling is an important part of project management that’s all too often overlooked. Project managers are starting to embrace a range of tools and platforms to support their resource scheduling needs. 56% of respondents to a recent survey said their enterprise uses tools for resource management. ‍


Modernizing ITSM with ITIL 4: Unifying ITSM and ITOM functions

The best practices and principles of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) 4 show IT service management (ITSM) service providers the importance of building a strong infrastructure that creates business value, adapts to change, tracks capabilities, and embraces automation. Without collaboration between ITSM service providers and different functions of the enterprise, however, the benefits of ITIL 4 best practices are minimized.


10 Top Help Desk and IT Asset Management Software for K-12

In 2023, K-12 schools are becoming more dependent on technology than ever before to enhance students’ learning experiences. The use of devices in teaching has seen a significant rise. For example, 42% of teachers used technology daily in 2016, but in 2019 this number rose to 67%. Given this surge in tech usage, IT administrators in K-12 schools face the challenge of managing these assets and providing support.


Modernizing ITSM with ITIL 4: Intelligent automation

Generative AI has the world thinking about automation now more than ever before. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has prioritized it from the start. ITIL has advocated for automation as a transformative tool for organizations to deliver business value, accelerate change, and reinvent service configuration management. By handling mundane tasks, automation can empower people to do more innovative and effective work.

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Workflows in Education: How To Leverage Workflow Automation

Every school encounters a wide range of administrative tasks. Workflow automation software is revolutionizing education by easing the burden of these duties. From managing admissions and scheduling classes to tracking student performance and coordinating events, the list is exhaustive. These crucial responsibilities can distract educators from their primary role: teaching. Imagine an environment free from piled-up paperwork, where schedules update themselves, and notifications arrive autonomously.This isn't a far-fetched dream.