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Ubuntu Security Notices now available in OSV format

Canonical is now issuing Ubuntu Security Notices (USNs) in the open source OSV format. Using the information provided, developers can identify known third-party, open source dependency vulnerabilities that pose a genuine risk to their application and its environment. This collaboration between Canonical and OSV aims to simplify vulnerability management and further enhance security for Ubuntu users.

A look into Ubuntu Core 24: Your first Linux-powered Matter device

Welcome to this blog series which explores innovative uses of Ubuntu Core. Throughout this series, Canonical’s Engineers will show what you can build with this Core 24 release, highlighting the features and tools available to you. In this third blog, Farshid Tavakolizadeh, engineering manager from our Industrial team, will show you how to build a Matter lighting device with a Raspberry Pi.

Migrating AIX to Linux

Today, everyone lives in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. The combination of continuously changing business drivers and complex, heterogeneous tech stacks means that virtually every organization has production workloads on-prem, in co-lo facilities, in private clouds, and in multiple public clouds. Moreover, your stack is likely often in motion, which requires you to manage workload migrations from one environment to another (and sometimes back again) as your needs change.

Canonical launches Ubuntu Core 24

London, 4 June 2024. Today, Canonical announced the general availability of Ubuntu Core 24, with a 12 year Long Term Support (LTS) commitment. This ‘immutable’ flavour of Ubuntu puts every system component, and the system itself, into a set of containers with strict kernel-enforced confinement, rich managed component integration, reliable over-the-air updates and failsafe rollbacks to enable intelligent edge and IoT applications.

Ubuntu Core 24 | Run Your Devices on Ubuntu

Secure and reliable open source IoT - everywhere. Introducing Ubuntu Core 24, the operating system optimised for IoT and Edge, allowing you to run your devices on Ubuntu. Ubuntu Core delivers high performance, ultra-low latency and workload predictability for time-sensitive industrial, telco, healthcare, and robotics use cases.

Best practices for scheduling security patching automations

In this webinar, you’ll learn about Canonical's release schedule for Ubuntu and its security updates, and how you can use this information to set optimal manual and automated security patching maintenance intervals. There are a variety of tools, such as Livepatch, Landscape, Snaps, and command line utilities like unattended-upgrades that provide security patching automation capabilities. We’ll cover how each one works, and how you can combine them for maximum benefit. We’ll also cover the nuances between reboot recommended and reboot required.

Vehicle cybersecurity: the journey towards ISO 21434 compliance

Automotive is going through considerable technological advancement, centred around the software that vehicles and their manufacturers use. A large part of this software evolution is the move towards open source software. Ensuring the safety and security of critical systems is extremely important, especially in safety-critical use cases.