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Business Continuity

RedSky & Mass Notification: Enhance Your E911 Response

It’s your duty to empower on-site responders with the tools they need to gain situational awareness, speed, and coordination to potentially save lives during an incident. RedSky E911 now includes Everbridge Mass Notification with Incident Communications to provide the ultimate emergency notification and alerting capabilities to help protect your employees that are using your Multi Line Telephone System (MLTS), as required by Federal law.

What Is a Business Continuity Plan, and Why Does Your Startup Need It?

A business continuity plan is a document that outlines the procedures and processes your organization should take to remain operational in the event of an unforeseen disruption or disaster. It includes strategies for recovering critical operations, systems, data, and resources, as well as plans for restoring normal operations. In other words, it is a plan of action designed to help keep your business up and running despite any type of disaster. Here's why your startup needs to have a certain level of readiness.

DataScan transforms incident response & business continuity tests

With more than $80 billion of loan collateral in its systems, DataScan is an industry leader in providing solutions for wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management. The company’s InfoSec leadership understood that they needed to take a whole new approach to incident response and to advance its security maturity. Having multiple tools for managing incidents and conducting business was translating into inefficiencies, prolonged resolutions, and stress.


Business Continuity vs. Business Resilience: Comparing Strategies for Staying Resilient

If there is one thing organizations can take away from the past few years, it's that they are far more vulnerable than they could realize before. From pandemics to critical supply shortages to widespread data breaches and natural disasters, businesses that don’t have plans in place to handle and respond to emergencies are at tremendous risk. As leaders plan for inevitable crises and disruption, interest in business resilience and continuity grows.


Monitoring AWS Analytics and Services for Business Continuity

Amazon Web Services (AWS) products can feel countless, and at LogicMonitor, we are working tirelessly to bring monitoring support to as many of them as possible. With so many products and tools already on your plate, we want to make sure that monitoring is not a hassle, but rather a trusted companion. AWS provides tools that help with application management, machine learning, end-user computing, and much more.

Best In Resilience - Dow Chemical's Perspective

Scott Whelchel, Chief Security Officer on the Value of Resilience It’s time to look at #resilience in a new way. For Dow Chemical Company, resilience is an important part of sustainability and innovation. Dow strives to build resiliency through the responsible care of their people, and the communities and environments in which we operate.

Do You Understand Your Essential Business Processes?

Before you can choose the proper tools for your organization, you have to understand its essential business processes. Once you know an essential business process, you can review software applications that will help make your organization more efficient and accurate. Unfortunately, many organizations do not understand their essential business processes. This makes it nearly impossible for them to streamline their organizations, which puts them at a disadvantage in the marketplace.


Powering Resilience with Critical Event Management

Businesses and communities are experiencing a growing number of disruptions from threats like severe weather, civil unrest, theft and vandalism, pandemics, and cyber-attacks. These disruptions have left many organisations concerned about the safety of their people and operations.

Public Safety

For over 20 years, Everbridge has been a trusted partner to governments worldwide. From fires or floods to terrorist attacks, we’ve monitored potential hazards, preparing, responding to incidents, and effectively providing the right people with the right information. Be it a country-wide emergency or a neighborhood outage, communities rely on Everbridge to keep them informed and safe.

Prepare Don't Panic! How to Build a Resilient Security Posture with Automation

Since the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, delivering exceptional digital customer experiences has become mission critical for businesses in a broad array of verticals. All too often, however, the race to build, change and deploy features increases the incidence of customer-impacting service disruptions. Today’s DevOps, SRE and operations teams are struggling to keep up. Yet the business’s ability to provide seamless and reliable digital services to customers has never been more important to its success.