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Francisco Partners Completes Acquisition of Blancco Technology Group

Francisco Partner announces the completion of the all-cash acquisition of Blancco Technology Group for 223 pence per share, representing an equity valuation of approximately £175 million. As a result of the completion of the transaction, Blancco has ceased trading and is no longer listed on the London stock market.

Datadog acquires Actiondesk

Datadog customers have an abundance of observability data at their fingertips. Using this data effectively requires having the right visualizations and analysis tools. For some teams, the powerful functionality of spreadsheets is critical to their ability to make data-driven forecasting and business decisions. That’s why we are pleased to announce that Actiondesk—a spreadsheet-powered connection to your live data—is joining Datadog.


PagerDuty and Jeli Together Will Transform Incident Management

Today is an important day for us at PagerDuty, and for the larger ecosystem of incident management. We’ve signed a definitive agreement to acquire Jeli, a standout player in the incident management space. This deal represents a strategic alignment of visions, technologies and goals that will have a lasting impact on the industry and our customers.


Navigating the Cisco-Splunk Acquisition: A Lesson in Vendor Independence and Data Adaptability

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, mergers and acquisitions have become a common occurrence. The latest buzz in the tech world revolves around the Cisco-Splunk acquisition, in which the former acquires the latter for a staggering $28 billion! This marks the fifth major acquisition in the AIOps and Observability space this year alone, following SumoLogic, OpsRamp, Moogsoft, and New Relic.


ServiceNow acquires Enable tech to improve health and safety management

I’m excited to announce that ServiceNow has acquired the ToolBox OH&S technology assets of Enable Professional Services, a ServiceNow Elite Partner and Fujitsu company based in Australia. ToolBox OH&S technology—native to the Now Platform—will help accelerate and scale existing health and safety solutions that enhance safety management practices and streamline incident prevention and response processes for both direct and indirect employees.


Apica Acquires LOGIQ.AI to Revolutionize Observability

In the world of observability, having the right amount of data is key. For years Apica has led the way, utilizing synthetic monitoring to evaluate the performance of critical transactions and customer flows, ensuring businesses have important insight and lead time regarding potential issues.


Managing Cloud Cost Integration During A Merger Or Acquisition

Merging two companies into one comes with several challenges. One of the most formidable endeavors is maintaining control over cloud costs while a cloud-to-cloud integration — essentially, taking the cloud environments of two companies and combining them into one — is taking place. One or both companies may not be tracking cost data, and even if they are, it’s highly unlikely that their cost-tracking strategies line up well enough to merge seamlessly.


Leveraging Cribl as an Integral Part of Your M&A Strategy

One of the most exciting things about bringing products to market at Cribl is seeing customers continually find new ways to leverage them to help solve their data challenges. I recently spoke to a customer who described Cribl as the foundation of their data management strategy and a key part of their post-acquisition data engineering process. Let’s take a deeper look into how Cribl can help.


AIOps and Dell's latest acquisition

Dell’s recent acquisition of Moogsoft is the most recent validation of the growing market for automated ITOps – also known as AIOps. When legacy companies such as Dell recognize the importance of AIOps it proves the technologies behind automating ITOps are now mainstream and a vital part of every modern IT management stack. We look forward to seeing how Moogsoft’s integration into Dell will play out over the coming years.