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Building an Internal Developer Platform for 20k Engineers on a Single Tenant with Will Stewart

Explore the world of Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) with Will Stewart, co-founder of @northflank9144. Gain insights into developer experience, security, and scalability, drawing from Will's extensive expertise. Learn how IDPs empower engineering teams for enhanced productivity and innovation in modern software development environments. Dive into this comprehensive overview to unlock the potential of IDPs and optimize your organization's workflow.

Monitor Complex User Flows with Checkly's Multistep Checks

Learn how Checkly's new multistep checks help you to decrease incident response times with synthetic monitoring. Use multistep checks to chain and manage multiple API requests, run custom code for response validation, and get accurate alerts when incidents occur. This video explains how to create a multistep check to monitor a RESTful API from scratch. Do you have questions? Join our vibrant Checkly community on Slack and explore further!

What is Ransomware and how to prevent ransomware attacks

Find out what ransomware is and its types in this super easy beginner’s guide. This quick video guide explains how ransomware attacks work and the steps enterprises can take to mitigate ransomware. The video also answers questions on – what are the stages of a ransomware attack, what are the various ransomware encryption techniques, and best practices to prevent ransomware attacks.

Tech Talk: How To Navigate the Cyber Threat Landscape Next Year

Johan Dreyer, Field CTO, Mimecast joins Neha Kulkarni for a little serious and light-hearted conversation on the challenges and priorities of cyber threats and how to navigate these challenges. In this edition of Tech Talk, Johan discusses how the threat landscape is evolving in the backdrop of a hybrid workspace and the steps security teams can take to gain visibility into the state of remote endpoints. He also talks about the new-age tactics threat actors are implementing to execute a breach and building a security-first mindset.

SLA vs SLO vs SLI: Whats the Difference?

In this video, we cover the key differences between SLA, SLO, and SLI defining each term and giving real world examples of how they differ. This video was brought to you by PagerTree. On-Call. Simplified. Transcript: SLA vs SLO vs SLI Whats the difference? In this video, we will define these terms, compare them to one another and give real-world examples of how they work.

SLA Service Level Agreements #SLA #Service #Level #agreements

Service Level Agreements, or SLAs, are essentially a promise or guarantee from the service provider to the customer. They outline the expected level of service, detailing the products or services to be delivered as well as the consequences for missing these service levels. SLAs are typically drafted by legal departments with insights from product managers and are designed to be customer-facing. It sets the stage for accountability and sets clear expectations right from the start.

Azure Cost Monitoring: Anomaly Detection

In this video, Michael Stephenson demonstrates the anomaly detection feature in Turbo360, focusing on enhancements in cost monitoring. This feature allows users to easily identify deviations in Azure costs and receive alerts when anomalies occur. It simplifies configuration, enabling daily monitoring with alerts sent to specified channels. Anomalies can be detected at both high-level and granular levels, aiding in overall Azure cost management.

How to detect new errors in production

How to improve your release quality by using Rollbar to detect new and reactivated errors from production, staging or qa environments. Go beyond crash reporting, error tracking, logging and error monitoring. Get instant and accurate alerts — plus a real-time feed — of all errors, including unhandled exceptions. Our automation-grade grouping uses machine learning to reduce noise and gives you error signals you can trust.