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What are Azure Storage Retention Policies?

Retention policies play a crucial role in managing the life cycle of data in cloud storage. This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth analysis of key factors that impact costs, explore the challenges and tradeoffs associated with various approaches, and highlight the importance of considering the impact on Azure storage.


What are Azure Resource Groups?

Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud service provider, offers a vast array of resources to its users. In this ever-growing ecosystem, managing and organizing these resources is crucial. Enter Azure Resource Groups, a vital component of Azure’s management framework. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of Azure Resource Groups, delving into key factors and addressing common questions.

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Microsoft System Center 2022

Managing data centers, the fundament for all IT infrastructure running business-critical workloads, especially for large-scale HA, and hybrid environments, can be a complex task. Microsoft System Center simplifies data center management across your IT environments. With the new Microsoft System Center 2022 release in April 2022, managing datacenters across diverse IT environments utilizing Windows Servers, Azure Stack HCI, and VMWare deployments on System Center is now even easier.

How to Manage Business Growth Successfully

Growing a business is no easy thing. It certainly hasn't been made any easier by the current business environment, which has seen a fall in spending coincide with considerable increases in price. New and promising industries have also been hobbled by unprecedented financial collapses, leaving many wondering about the future.

Airlines aiming to transform need modern Observability.

The last decade has been nothing but a roller coaster ride for the airline industry. The pandemic has transformed it forever and now it needs to reevaluate its digital transformation priorities on how to manage traveler expectations. Taking it a step further, travelers buying behavior is changing farther as now they will want to book tickets while chatting with an AI interface. The transformation was already underway. In 2020, Google Cloud and Sabre announced a partnership to modernize Sabre.


What an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) Really Is + Why You Should Care

The concept of the internal developer platform (IDP) isn’t new to anyone who’s been doing DevOps for the last couple decades. But the recent explosion of interest around platform engineering, particularly among business leaders, has led to a re-examination of the IDP as we know it.


On writing better error messages

You're browsing your favorite website, clicking around, when suddenly, you're rudely interrupted by a white screen, proclaiming: (I don't mean to pick on Varnish cache here, It's just a screenshot I had handy) As a developer, my eyes scan error messages like these for numbers - in this case, the "503" - indicating that the error isn't my fault, and I can move on with my life.


Azure Blob Storage Types and Cost Factors

Azure Blob storage is a popular service provided by Microsoft, offering scalable, cost-effective, and secure cloud storage solutions for various types of unstructured data. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of Azure Blob storage types, their pricing models, and the key factors that impact the cost of using these services.