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Goliath's Use of AI Puts an Extra Citrix Expert In-House

AI has been the talk of the day ever since the breakthrough of ChatGPT with a large generative language model. More and more companies are also adding AI capabilities into their products, but this is often just a marketing trick to tag on AI to show a new feature that isn’t really AI. Goliath Technologies is handling AI very differently. They are introducing KIP, a virtual AI troubleshooting assistant for Citrix end user experience monitoring.

Podcast - The Power of Observability and Automation of Citrix Technologies with eG Innovations

The Citrix Ready team recently recorded a podcast with eG Innovations for their Tech Fusion podcast series. Hosted by Neil C. Hughes from The Tech Blog Writer, Wendy Howard from eG Innovations’ pre-sales, and Manjunatha Gali from Citrix Ready discussed how eG Enterprise enhances and goes beyond native Citrix monitoring tools with its unique observability and automation features. You can listen to the podcast: They covered a wide range of topics, including.

Goliath Introduces an Industry-First AI Troubleshooting Assistant Reshaping How IT Support Teams Address User Issues Requiring Deep Citrix or Horizon Expertise

PHILADELPHIA, February 5, 2024 — Goliath Technologies, a leader in end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, today announced the general availability of Goliath Performance Monitor 12.1.1, bringing AI into the service of IT Administrators to address the need for additional Citrix and Horizon expertise.

Protect Against Netscaler Vulnerability CitrixBleed

CitrixBleed, or CVE-2023-4966, is now an infamous security vulnerability affecting Citrix NetScaler that allows attackers to hijack user sessions by stealing session authentication tokens. Unfortunately, it has affected many NetScaler customers including Xfinity, which lost data for 36 million customers as a result of CitrixBleed. There is no way to protect against CitrixBleed by configuring the NetScaler WAF to detect and block it.

User Session Process CPU and Memory at the Core: Elevating Citrix Monitoring with SCOM-Centric Reports

In Citrix environments, where administrators face the ongoing challenge of managing resource-intensive processes, maintaining system stability, and optimizing performance, GripMatix's MetrixInsight for Citrix VAD/DaaS introduces a new suite of SCOM reports with a specific focus on detailed process-level CPU and memory usage. These reports offer an unprecedented depth of insight, enabling a more targeted and effective approach to system performance and resource management in Citrix environments.

Unveiling GripMatix's Logon Simulator MP: A New Dimension in Citrix Monitoring with SCOM

MetrixInsight for Citrix Logon Simulator will be available to our valued MetrixInsight for Citrix VAD/DaaS customers, as part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing their Citrix monitoring experience. Stay tuned!

Trouble Finding Citrix Expertise? The Answer is Technology

It is all in the numbers. And the numbers are not changing anytime soon. Citrix sites support over 400,000 customers. On average, an organization has 2-3 total FTEs managing and monitoring their Citrix environment. If you take those numbers, then roughly there is a demand for at least 1.2 million experts who need to be able to interact with Citrix in a knowledgeable way. Now on the supply side. We know there are 62 named Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs) every year who are highly certified.