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How the Rollout of 5G Networks Will Impact Educational Practices

5G networks have been a controversial topic for a long time due to misinformation and the novelty of this technology. Today, most of these myths have been dispelled, and we know that there are no inherent dangers to using 5G internet. However, the vital question is, could faster connection revolutionize online education and also influence classroom learning?

Conventional Commits using AI with GitLens in VSCode

Writing a good commit message is time-consuming. With GitLens, you can use AI providers like OpenAI, Anthropic, or Gemini to generate a commit message based on your staged changes in git. If you go to Settings and modify the prompt, you can also convert the commit to a "Conventional Commit" format, which provides context and helps with automations like generating changelogs.

GitKraken DevEx platform: Meeting you wherever you & your team code

The GitKraken DevEx platform enables 30 million+ developers worldwide to experience coding workflows with fewer distractions, better collaboration and increased velocity. GitKraken’s DevEx platform supports developers wherever they want to write or manage their code: from Windows, Mac & Linux desktops; to the IDE; to the terminal; to web or even mobile. Across GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps. Even integrating with Jira, Trello and other issue tracking systems.

Potential causes of a collaboration platform data breach

Data is the lifeblood of modern organizations. Since data helps teams make better decisions and provide a competitive edge, it’s also a target of bad actors looking to steal sensitive information or launch ransomware attacks. From software vulnerabilities and weak authentication mechanisms to malware and inadequate access controls, there’s no shortage of ways for hackers to infiltrate networks and gain access to mission-critical data.