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6 Ways to Maximize Team Effectiveness Using Miro

Evan Prowse compiled this blog post. In true Tanzu Labs fashion, the Miro boards and guidance featured are the result of contributions by many Tanzu Labs colleagues. One of the core tenets of VMware Tanzu Labs is to share our knowledge of software development best practices and principles with the larger tech community. In the past, we often did this by hosting community events in our offices around the globe.


Google Colab Monitoring with Netdata

Hello, fellow data enthusiasts and Google Colab aficionados! Today, we're going to explore how to monitor your Google Colab instances using Netdata. Colab is a fantastic platform for running Notebooks, developing ML models, and other data science and analytics tasks. But have you ever wondered how your Colab instance is performing under the hood? That's where Netdata comes into play!

Add ChatGPT to Mattermost in 2 minutes

We're highlighting a ChatGPT/Mattermost bot project created by Mattermost community member Sebastian Müller. Try out ChatGPT on your own Mattermost server with this easy integration. If you have your own interesting Mattermost integration that you'd like us to highlight, join the Community server and message
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How tech teams can build the custom workplaces they need

From the skillsets around the table, to the tech stack being used, every organisation's tech function is unique. With this in mind, there's no one-size-fits-all approach for optimising its performance. Instead, organisations need to focus on empowering their IT teams to undertake their own fine-tuning-through two types of customisation. The first is the customisation of schedules. Enabling tech teams to work when and where it suits them best is a key driver of greater productivity.

Mattermost v7.9 is now available

Mattermost v7.9 is generally available today. With this latest release, we’ve added Boards System and Team admin access and Compliance APIs. High-level access and management for all boards in a workspace helps maintain control of team collaboration, leading to a more effective and secure team environment. See the changelog for more details.


Deploying Mattermost with Zarf for highly secure air-gapped collaboration

Mission-focused teams that operate in contingency environments – think military branches, the intelligence community, NASA – increasingly depend on collaboration software. They need to share information quickly, nimbly, and securely. And they want to carry that out in contextual channels that enable them to see the right content at the right time to make informed, accurate decisions.


Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive: Which is Better for your Business?

Choosing the right file storage and collaboration platform can be tough, with so many options on the market. The market is filled with options, and they can seem pretty similar on the surface. Therefore, we'll oppose Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive to see precisely how they differ. To begin with, they are all cloud-based file hosting services that facilitate working and collaborating in the digital workplace.