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Product Spotlight: Enhancing Incident Resolution with Blameless' Microsoft Teams Integration

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, swiftly responding to incidents is paramount for engineering teams. Downtime is not just costly; it can tarnish your organization's reputation. The pressure felt by engineering operations, DevOps, and SRE leaders to architect and run an effective incident response process is immense. Fortunately, over the last several years, effective engineering organizations have developed a standard toolkit for running a good incident response process.


How Uptime.com and Logz.io Can Streamline Website Monitoring

Maintaining the right combination of tools and integrations is essential in monitoring your online presence. To this end, Logz.io and Uptime.com — both highly-respected services in their own right — can be integrated to provide powerful analytics, uptime metrics monitoring, log management, and real-time incident alerts – all in one dashboard.


Azure Integration Automates Asset Discovery on Tidal Accelerator

We’re excited to share an update on our Microsoft Azure integration that automates discovery and mapping of key cloud assets into Tidal Accelerator. Tidal has enabled a new integration that pulls information on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), Azure App Service, and Azure Database instances, Elastic Pools and Servers, directly into Tidal Accelerator for further analysis.


Remote Desktop Integrations: Connect InvGate Insight to TeamViewer, Windows Remote Desktop, AnyDesk, And VNC

If you’re looking to integrate your IT Asset Management tool with a remote desktop application to streamline your support capabilities, you’ve come to the right place. InvGate Insight easily connects with the most popular options out there: TeamViewer, Windows Remote Desktop, AnyDesk, and VNC. And we’re about to show you exactly how in the next lines. So, stay tuned!


The InvGate Insight Integration Cheat Sheet

In today's landscape, IT asset managers need tools that can go further than Inventory Management. In order to extend your IT Asset Management (ITAM) processes to address your whole environment, a robust ITAM solution must include a wide library of integrations to complement its functions. In this article, we will explore exactly that. We have listed InvGate Insight’s integrations and their usage to help you make sure you are getting the most out of the solution.

OnPage-ServiceNow Bi-Directional Integration

Discover how OnPage's incident alert management solution can be seamlessly extended to ServiceNow's ITSM solution to provide a more efficient and streamlined service delivery experience. The two-way integration ensures that high-priority alerts are given top priority and reach the right team member in a timely manner. And, that's not all -- IT teams gain synchronization across audit trails, alert statuses, and notes, eliminating the need for app hopping and providing all the necessary information in one location.

Streamlining incident response: the power of integration in engineering tools

In the ever-evolving world of software development, incidents are bound to happen. Whether it's an unexpected server crash, a critical bug impacting user experience, or a security breach, handling incidents swiftly and effectively is crucial for maintaining a seamless user experience and preserving business reputation. That's where incident response tools come in — to help you automate, document, communicate, and mitigate.

Serverless Data Integration

Struggling with the complexities of serverless data integration, especially within the realm of Azure? Dive into this illuminating podcast by Ratomir Vukadin from Dev Tech as he delves into the intricacies of serverless data integration and offers essential guidance on overcoming them. Discover solutions ranging from addressing Azure Functions challenges to mastering hybrid methodologies, all backed by real-world case studies and beginner-friendly advice.

Managing Users and User Groups: A Guide to OKTA and Cloudsmith Integration

Explore Cloudsmith’s powerful OKTA integration for user and user group management. Dive into the benefits, security considerations, and best practices to optimize user access, streamline workflows, and bolster security in your software operations. User management is the backbone of secure and efficient software operations. As businesses grow and evolve, the tools they use must keep pace. Enter OKTA and Cloudsmith.