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On Call


On-Call Management

On-call management is a process for managing after-hours support. Cloud on-call scheduling tools allow self-service and mobile access. Multi-channel communications (email, SMS, phone, mobile push notifications and chat) ensure that the alert gets through. AlertOps sends rich alerts, so the on- Call support engineer has all the information they need to know.


5 tips for a successful on-call duty

On-call availability is crucial for many industries, especially in IT. With the growing reliance on IT systems and services, their availability directly impacts the success and satisfaction of customers. To ensure round-the-clock availability, on-call services are vital for prompt responses to emergencies and issues.


Maximizing IT Company Success through Effective On-Call Support

Having your systems monitored by a reliable solution is important, but how do you ensure that the right people are informed about issues that arise? Identifying problems is the first step, but they also need to be routed to the appropriate individuals. Keep in mind that employees may not always be sitting in front of the dashboard. This means being available outside of normal working hours to quickly respond to emergencies and problems, including not only weeknights but also weekends and holidays.