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Qovery and Doppler Join Forces to Empower Developers with Next-Level Cloud Deployment and Security

I am excited to announce the partnership between Qovery and Doppler. Qovery is an infrastructure automation platform that helps developers deploy their applications more easily, while Doppler is a fully managed SecretOps platform that enables engineering teams to better manage their environment variables and secrets.


Kubecost and Qovery Team up to Offer Cost Monitoring for DevOps Teams

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Kubecost, a game-changing provider of cost monitoring for Kubernetes clusters. This collaboration marks a new era in efficiency and cost-effectiveness for DevOps teams everywhere. With Kubecost's advanced monitoring capabilities integrated into our own Kubernetes deployment platform, we are empowering organizations to take control of their cloud-native infrastructure like never before.

4 Useful Tips For Choosing The Right ERP Partner

Businesses today face a variety of challenges when selecting an ERP partner. It is important to choose the right ERP partner who can help you manage and streamline your business operations efficiently. The wrong choice could lead to costly mistakes, delays in implementation, or even project failure. Therefore, businesses need to understand the key factors that they should consider while choosing an ERP Partner. Here are four useful tips which will help you make the right decision when selecting an ERP partner for your business.

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform + Aerospike Real-Time Data Platform: Build Once, Scale Forever

D2iQ and Aerospike have partnered to help developers and data architects spend less time managing and maintaining their infrastructure and more time delivering mission-critical applications that provide business value at scale. The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator has been certified on the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) to enable organizations to efficiently deploy and operate Aerospike clusters. Aerospike is a high-performance NoSQL database that enables high-speed data processing at scale.


Mattermost Solutions for GitLab: Deep integration to ship software faster

Around the world, thousands of DevSecOps teams are shipping software faster and more reliably by integrating Mattermost with their self-hosted GitLab deployments. When combined, these platforms connect developer toolchains with real-time communications, audio calling, screen sharing and collaborative workflows.


D2iQ Kubernetes Platform + GitLab: Deliver Better Code Faster

D2iQ and Gitlab have partnered to help Kubernetes DevOps teams deliver higher-quality code faster through automation, integration, and verification of code. DKP provides a fully automated and integrated Kubernetes platform for developing and managing container deployments.

MoovingON and 2bcloud Form U.S. Strategic Partnership, Elevating CloudOps Automation to Never Seen Before Benchmarks

MoovingON announces it's breaking into the U.S. market after forming a strategic partnership with 2bcloud, a leading multi-cloud service provider for cloud natives from early stage to unicorns. With this arrangement, MoovingON's industry leading "auto-healing" cloud operations solution, moovingon.ai, is now available in the United States, following a decade of highly successful deployment in Israel.

ServiceNow and Zoom expand partnership to deliver great experiences

In today’s complex, hybrid world of work, collaboration and productivity can quickly give way to chaos and silos if organizations don’t prioritize digital business transformation. At ServiceNow, our solutions help companies make the most of their digital business efforts by connecting teams, processes, and silos. Zoom has a similar goal: to help people connect, collaborate, and work together.


Grafana and Cilium: Deep eBPF-powered observability for Kubernetes and cloud native infrastructure

Today, Grafana Labs announced a strategic partnership with Isovalent, the creators of Cilium, to make it easy for platform and application teams to gain deep insights into the connectivity, security, and performance of the applications running on Kubernetes by leveraging the Grafana open source observability stack.