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Error Monitoring


Take control of monitoring and responding to your production Frontend Javascript errors

We are very lucky on the Rollbar Customer Engineering Team because we get to work with many many development teams. Each team develops, tests, and deploys their applications in their own way. They have chosen different languages and frameworks to solve their particular problem. We learn from each team that we work with, and share these learnings to our Product Design team.


Track and triage errors in your logs with Datadog Error Tracking

Reducing noise in your error logs is critical for quickly identifying bugs in your code and determining which to prioritize for remediation. To help you spot and investigate the issues causing error logs in your environments, we’re pleased to announce that Datadog Error Tracking is now available for Log Management in open beta.


10 Best error monitoring tools to use in 2023

Software has changed the world we live and work in. The people behind the code are the real heros, but they require the technology to ship better software, faster. So how do they do this? They have to work smarter, be proactive and respond to problems quickly. Let's look at the top 10 error monitoring tools on the market to help you find the best solution for you and your team.


How Datadog's Technical Solutions team uses RUM, Session Replay, and Error Tracking to resolve customer issues

Organizations across a wide range of industries share a common goal: deploy stable applications that support their customers’ needs. Many of these organizations rely on the Datadog platform to get complete visibility into the health and performance of their applications, and we understand how important it is that our services are reliable. That’s why we leverage our own products to ensure that the platform works as expected.


9 Top Frontend Application Monitoring Tools to Catch Errors

Most developers are familiar with the concept of tracking an application's performance. We've all had to undertake our performance debugging at some point. It typically occurs when there is a significant problem with potential cost or user impact. We don't take the time to examine the application's performance in various scenarios till after that. Of course, you can and should monitor various components of the application separately.


Error Monitoring - The Necessary Application Feature

To err is human. The process of software development can’t be error-free; fixing errors is part and parcel of building software applications. And, no matter how much you dislike those harsh error messages when your code fails and exits, you have to admit that they save you from a lot worse.


Get Started with Python Error Reporting

Python is one of the most industry-oriented languages. It has versatile usability and features that are great for all types of tech teams. You can make both frontend websites and backend APIs with Python. According to a report by Statista, around 48.24% of the developers worldwide use Python as one of their programming languages. Python is a backend technology in most cases, so monitoring the application is very important. The backend is the backbone of the application.