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Build a Data Streaming Pipeline with Kafka and InfluxDB

InfluxDB and Kafka aren’t competitors – they’re complimentary. Streaming data, and more specifically time series data, travels in high volumes and velocities. Adding InfluxDB to your Kafka cluster provides specialized handling for your time series data. This specialized handling includes real-time queries and analytics, and integration with cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Companies like as Hulu paired their InfluxDB instances with Kafka.


Auto-Instrumenting OpenTelemetry for Kafka

Apache Kafka, born at LinkedIn in 2010, has revolutionized real-time data streaming and has become a staple in many enterprise architectures. As it facilitates seamless processing of vast data volumes in distributed ecosystems, the importance of visibility into its operations has risen substantially. In this blog, we’re setting our sights on the step-by-step deployment of a containerized Kafka cluster, accompanied by a Python application to validate its functionality. The cherry on top?

Introduction to Klaw

This video goes over a few problems faced by Kafka based projects and how an open source toolkit like Klaw helps in addressing the issues. Klaw is an open source toolkit / a web application designed to automate the process of creating and managing Apache Kafka topics, authorizations, avro schemas and connectors. Useful links: ABOUT AIVEN Aiven’s cloud data platform helps your business reach its highest potential by making your data work for you.