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Support for Next.js Middleware and Edge Routes

Third-party JavaScript libraries provide developers with the tools they need to build modern web experiences, and a bit of cheatcode at times to not have to start from scratch. I mean, you don’t want to build an entire monitoring solution, so we help with Sentry’s Next.js SDK that only requires a couple of lines of code.


Best Search Packages for JavaScript

The demand for search functionality is growing, and many developers are trying to incorporate it into their applications. However, building one from scratch is challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, many open-source libraries are available to relieve developers of this burden. This guide will provide the reader with a list of some of the best search packages for JavaScript.


Take control of monitoring and responding to your production Frontend Javascript errors

We are very lucky on the Rollbar Customer Engineering Team because we get to work with many many development teams. Each team develops, tests, and deploys their applications in their own way. They have chosen different languages and frameworks to solve their particular problem. We learn from each team that we work with, and share these learnings to our Product Design team.


Common Errors in Next.js and How to Resolve Them

Bugs are one of the most troubling aspects of software development; they appear out of nowhere and cause everything to stop working. Most of the time, they can be resolved quickly; however, others can be gruesome and take hours/days to fix. Next.js is one of the most popular web development frameworks in the current world, and as a programming tool, it didn’t escape the bug dilemma either.


How We Made JavaScript Stack Traces Awesome

Sentry helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code, and we need to deliver high quality stack traces in order to do so. You might have noticed a significant improvement in Sentry JavaScript stack traces recently. In this blog post, we want to explain why source maps are insufficient for solving this problem, the challenges we faced, and how we eventually pulled it off by parsing JavaScript.


JavaScript immediately invoked function expressions

JavaScript Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFEs) are functions that are executed when they are initialized. An IIFE (pronounced “iffy”) can be initialized or defined to achieve a certain purpose. In this tutorial, you will learn about use cases for IIFEs and the benefits of using them over traditional functions. You will also write tests for your functions and integrate CI/CD for these tests.


11 Best Tools to Monitor and Debug JavaScript in 2023

JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages for creating dynamic, interactive websites. However, there may be instances where a function is not operating as intended because of a coding error while creating JavaScript projects. Therefore, the majority of developers hunt for JavaScript debugging tools to avoid problems and identify errors before execution.

Introduction to continuous profiling

In this video, we will review the advantages of continuous profiling, the difference between continuous profiling vs. traditional profiling, and how continuous profiling can fit into your overall observability strategy. You’ll also learn more about Grafana Phlare, the new open source continuous profiling database, and get a look at the latest flame graph visualization in Grafana.