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Digital Transformation


What is Digital Transformation? Why You Need it for IT Management

The history of digital transformation can be traced back as early as the 1940s when Dr. Claude Shannon published A Mathematical Theory of Communication, which is the theory behind the creation of the internet. Then addition of the microchip and semiconductor transistor, invented In the 1950s, established the foundation for digital transformation. Since then, the capabilities of machines and digital technology have grown exponentially, and they have fundamentally changed ways our society operates.


What are the biggest challenges organizations face in their digital transformation efforts?

As part of a recent Redgate Summit which focused on digital transformation and data modernization, I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Pramod Sadalage, a Director at Thoughtworks. There, and I’m quoting here, he enjoys the rare role of bridging the divide between database professionals and application developers.


Cybersecurity Should be a Priority in Any Digital Transformation

Digital technologies have emerged as the most fundamental tools for the survival of businesses in the fiercely-competitive modern marketplace. Implementation of modern technologies helps achieve the most desirable business objectives. However, the adoption of innovations to facilitate digital transformation also brings cybersecurity challenges too.


Where Financial Services businesses should focus their digital transformation efforts in 2023

Like every business sector, Financial Services has been on a rollercoaster ride over the past couple of years. The pandemic forced a change in the way businesses work, and the way products and services are delivered to customers. Deloitte summed it up beautifully in the introduction to its ‘Finance 2025 Revisited report’1: “COVID-19 has sped up business innovation and stress-tested the concept of 100% remote work.”


SAIC Shares Military-Grade Kubernetes Best Practices for Digital Transformation

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a major system integrator and solution provider to government agencies, chose the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) as the foundation for providing Kubernetes solutions for its customers.

7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Digital Transformation Services

In 21st-century business affairs, nothing is the same as it used to be a couple of decades ago. To this end, you will notice how all of the business-related things have gotten digitalized and contemporary. If you have not yet taken the steps to digitize your business, there is no more time for further ado. The thing is that digital enhancement can considerably transform your business and can bring you enormous benefits.

Digital Transformation: Cloud Migration Strategy Checklist

Companies moving their applications and services to the cloud is nothing new, but doing business there requires a solid cloud migration strategy. The list of things to consider is longer than you might think. Fortunately, xMatters has done it successfully and has helped its own customers move to the cloud too. In this article, Product Marketing Manager Erin Jones gives a checklist you can use to get your cloud migration right.

Simplify Your Agency's Digital Transformation

From complex IT infrastructures with enormous numbers of devices, applications, services, and tools to trying to make sense out of massive amounts of disparate data - government agencies face unique challenges in moving forward with digital transformation. To become truly agile in the increasingly complex hybrid IT environment, forward-thinking agencies are evaluating the potential of AIOps.