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57% of UK consumers say digital bliss a must for festive fun, Cisco survey reveals

A recent survey by Cisco highlights the pivotal role of digital applications and services in enhancing the holiday season experience. With a global increase in application usage anticipated, the report underscores the need for brands to ensure optimal performance of their digital services or risk dampening the festive spirit.

Unlock the power of network forecasting with machine learning

In the dynamic world of IT, traditional network monitoring approaches are no longer sufficient to manage the complexities of today’s networks—be they wired or wireless. To stay ahead of network events, IT administrators must shift from being reactive to adopting a proactive stance. This transition involves a comprehensive approach to network monitoring that includes forecasting future network requirements with the help of machine learning (ML) technology.


Benefits of Public Sites for External Monitoring

Exoprise supports monitoring from inside the firewall and outside the firewall. Every day, we have prospects spin up Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) as part of their free trial to test tenant access and performance from one of the Exoprise public points of presence, which we refer to as public sites.

Francisco Partners Completes Acquisition of Blancco Technology Group

Francisco Partner announces the completion of the all-cash acquisition of Blancco Technology Group for 223 pence per share, representing an equity valuation of approximately £175 million. As a result of the completion of the transaction, Blancco has ceased trading and is no longer listed on the London stock market.

Cribl Stream + CDS: An Air Gapped Data Transfer Solution

In this blog series, we’ll explore how Cribl Stream can leverage your existing cross-domain solution (CDS) to easily collect and send your log and metric data between disparate security domains or across air-gapped networks. The goal is to retain as much fidelity of the data as possible, deduplicating processes and simplifying management efforts.

pandora fms

Unraveling the Dangers of Phishing: From Basics to Effective Prevention

Surely you may have at one time or another received an email warning of an outstanding invoice, a parcel shipment that you did not expect or a warning from the bank about suspicious activity in your account. These messages usually adopt an alarming tone and provide you with a link to a website that you must visit right away to verify your personal information or to complete payment information. Caution! This is a “phishing” attempt, one of the most popular scam methods on the Internet!


Announcing HAProxy 2.9

HAProxy 2.9 further extends HAProxy's performance, flexibility, and observability. This release came together through the efforts of all the community members who got involved. A release like this requires feature requests, bug reports, forum discussions, code submissions, QA tests, and documentation! In other words, this project is fueled by people like you! If you're interested in joining this vibrant community, it can be found on GitHub, Slack, Discourse, and the HAProxy mailing list.


Brands must focus on digital experience to spread festive cheer this holiday season

Survey results reveal the critical role of applications and digital services during the most wonderful time of the year. Research published today by Cisco reveals that consumers around the world will be using more applications and digital services over the holiday season than ever before. But seasonal goodwill will quickly turn to festive fury if applications don’t perform as they should. And some people claim they will turn into the Grinch!


On-Call Management Models

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, incident management is crucial for maintaining operational excellence. During this process, on-call management models play a critical role in promptly addressing and resolving incidents. On-call management involves the organization of teams to ensure prompt response and resolution of incidents and is necessary to streamline incident resolution, ensure 24/7 availability, and allow for fair and transparent on-call rotations.