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Updated TV Integration

Enhance your TV integration experience with customizable layouts. Choose from 2, 3, or 4 column options, giving you full control over how your monitors are displayed on the big screen. For those that haven’t seen it, the TV Integration is a simplified version of your status page formatted for display on a TV screen. Perfect for your IT office or NOC, the URL can simply be Chromecasted up to any screen.

More Historical Data

Our plans now include a specific timeframe of historical data that varies depending on the tier you choose. This change ensures that customers on our higher tier plans get even great visibility into the past performance of their vendors. Previously, historical data access was limited to your date of sign up. Existing customers automatically receive either their existing historical data limit OR the new limit, whichever is greater.
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Streamline Vendor Outages to Incident Management Tools

Digital operations are now the backbone of almost every business. The ability to respond to and manage incidents is more critical than ever. Incident management tools like FireHydrant, Opsgenie, SquadCast, and PagerDuty have become essential in helping companies minimize downtime and maintain operational efficiency. However, when vendor outages occur, integrating these incidents seamlessly into your management tools can be a challenge. This is where IsDown steps in.

Top 10 Reasons Why Every K-12 School Needs StatusGator

K12 school districts often depend on 40+ services to deliver education and run operations since their usage of ed tech increased by 99% during the past 4 years. Managing K12 software and services can be challenging due to the limited human resources and budget that the school IT teams typically have. As a result, many tools and services are designed to help K-12 schools manage their digital services.

Top 8 Free Status Page Tools & Services for 2024

Your website is your digital storefront, and keeping it running smoothly is key to your success. This applies to your online reputation too. With the right tools, you can keep your audience in the loop about your site’s health and performance. To help you get started, we have put together a list of the top 9 free status page tools and services. These are essential not just for businesses, but for anyone looking to offer clear, consistent updates about their website’s uptime.

Navigating IT Incidents - The Role Of The Status Page

At any moment, a small failure at any point in your complex web of IT systems can trigger an outage. As such, proactively establishing a method of clear and timely end user communication is the crux of effective incident response. For large organizations, these moments of downtime not only carry a massive opportunity cost, but also test the resilience of their operations.

Automate status updates with monitoring tools

Offering users proactive and timely updates during downtime events is the key to effective incident management. However, imagine a status page that lacks integration with a monitoring tool. T he challenges become apparent with the need for manual intervention with every update. Without the efficiency and reliability offered by automation, you may struggle to provide users with timely updates, which can increase their frustration.